What You Are

Before one can go beyond consciousness, one must arrive at consciousness. The perspective from the mountaintop is different from that of the valley.
Consciousness as it is usually referenced is really an associated consciousness requiring brain, mind, body.
What you are in reality is prior to being anything in particular. You are Knowing, the shapeless Subject, the irreducible substrate of the visible and the invisible, the subjective and the objective, and of form and the formless. This Subjectivity is the ever-present, both in the presence and absence of any phenomena.
It is irreducible in much the same way as both zero and infinity are irreducible.



  1. By Chuck Rinehart on

    I am 79. Not much formal schooling. Do read a lot. since learning at 17. It seem to me that that prior to being anything, we are just Being (absolute). Then we are being human. As long as I stay focus on Being I stay in the Present. When I focus on being something (human or whatever) I am in past or future. Which does not exist. My concept. This and two dollars will get a cup of coffee in most restaurants. Thank You

    1. By RM on

      Hi Chuck

      When you focus on being something in particular, be it in past, present or future, the outcome is the same. It is a movement away from Being that you refer to.



      1. By Chuck Rinehart on

        Your word’s express it better than mine. The word focus may imply effort which is not required. In fact effort hinders. Thanks PS enjoy all your writings and Hsin.


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