March 25

Homo ‘Distractus’

One’s capacity to disregard is easily as remarkable as one’s ability to see or hear. That’s what makes overlooking the obvious so easy.
In this age of ‘homo distractus’, of screen addiction and short term spans of attention, competing with the outer is a Sisyphean undertaking. It is the fundamental lapse from communion.
You return to your practice for an hour or two or whatever and then you relapse.

March 21


All self-centric perception is restricted misperception. It is like looking out at the world through a keyhole in a door.
Individuals can’t know the real, only the seeming, of which they are a part, never apart.
They may tell themselves otherwise but a lame man can never climb atop an elephant regardless of what he tells himself.
No being can go prior to Being. One can talk about the Absolute, but It is not a reachable destination, as such.
One is confined to working within the constraints of the field of Being and in that regard, Conscious Being is the highest.
Like dawn is the borderline between day and night, Conscious Being is the borderline between the seeming and the Unknowable.
Why would you prefer ongoing involvement in conditional being when abidance as Conscious Being can be yours?
Don’t be misled. Dissociation from phenomena is not the highest. It is the step preceding the highest like the last step before the rooftop.
Identification with all phenomena is the highest, the All’s Eye View of no-otherness. No inside distinct from outside, no real distinct from unreal.
Conscious Being is Its billboard. On it, there is Functioning, energetic movement.
Its contents are like fireworks, dazzling for a time and then gone.
Yet, even if the billboard is torn down, the All ever Prevails.
Expression is Its Nature, wherein what resides in potential is made actual.
‘I am All’ is Its Declaration. Making this declaration your own and living it is quite enough.

March 18

The Love to Be

Every one is ultimately annihilated in the One, by the One, the One other than which nothing is, the Indescribable One that illuminates every ‘this’.
When everything is gone, that One, the All, remains.
The All is totally free. In Its total freedom, It Is free to Disidentify and simply Observe or to Identify. Its Identification with the means of experience facilitates the process of Experiencing Itself.
Needing no support of its own, the All supports all. Using Beingness as Its Instrument, It Sources worlds.
Each day, Being is what is observed first. Then, what is contained in Being comes next.
It is the very love of this Beingness that drives all species to survive.

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March 14


If you continue to be unwilling to cut the rope of attachment, how can you expect freedom? These attachments to philosophies, to people, to beliefs and techniques, are all restraints.
You are struggling all the time against self-imposed limitations. You are hungering for some sort of spiritual attainment and there are many people in the marketplace, all eager to sell you solutions.
However, the only solution is egoic dissolution. Therein, the person who is practicing, and the process of practicing are both gone.
Yet, this ‘you’ isn’t willing to ‘go quietly into the night’.
The fear of your coming to an end, the fear of what you know as yourself and as you experience yourself, impedes your awakening.
Awakening is the transcendence of this fear.
What is feared foremost, even more than ‘other’, is not-being. All other fears are derivative. They ultimately produce omniphobia, a sort of an existential tinnitus, an unceasing ringing.
Not-Being is the source of Being and you are afraid of confronting It.