January 4


It’s not reasonable to expect to get the right answers by asking the wrong questions. All how-to questions are wrong. They are asked by an individual wanting directions for what the individual is to do to transcend that very individuality.
The three ‘right’ questions are these:
When there is knowing, what is it that knows?
When there are actions, what is it that acts? and
When there are experiences, what is it that is experiencing?
Deep consideration of these will carry you far.

December 31

Its Action Figure

Experiences can be described but how does one describe that which is Experiencing.
The body doesn’t know what it is doing. It is Knowing that knows.
Being is implicit in Conscious Presence. It is this Conscious Presence that Uses the composite, mind/body/self, as Its action figure, Its Instrument. In this manner, as if in a movie, It is provided with the protagonist’s eye-view and the protagonist’s experiences.
The relationship between the Conscious presence and this composite is best described as I-as.

December 19

Truly Religious

Those who are truly religious adhere to no religion.
All attempts to translate what I’m is saying into any other philosophical or religious framework miss the point. I can only be understood when all previously established frameworks have been set aside. To construct a box to put me in is to stifle me.
You must come to see that all likes and dislikes are loci on the pleasure/displeasure continuum. They are arbitrary and organism-specific.
God, Self, or Being Consciousness is anterior to the continuum and has no likes, no dislikes, no preferences. Any God with preferences is a fabrication of those who have assigned themselves as religious intermediaries of God.
All the paths to God or Self traverse only the seeming reality which has veiled God or Self, paths with which you are already dissatisfied.
All your efforts and strategies are attempts to escape from this dissatisfaction, to fill an emptiness, some void.
There is no need to devise an escape from what is only imaginary. When imagination is seen for what it is, the escape is already underway.

October 28

The Afterlife

You came here because you believed you weren’t yet ‘there‘. Stop imagining, stop believing.
This is a hard-core esotericism that is not for those lacking in earnest.
The not-Self doesn’t exist in the same way as the self doesn’t exist. These are imaginations.
Mind is imagination, images plus words as thoughts. Sensory deprivation shows us that the mind continues even when the sensations that constitute the world cease. Mind fills space with objects and time with events.
Yet, just as dirt added to water produces dirty water, imagination added to sensations produces an imaginary world. As life before death is an imagination, so is any supposed afterlife.