March 14


If you continue to be unwilling to cut the rope of attachment, how can you expect freedom? These attachments to philosophies, to people, to beliefs and techniques, are all restraints.
You are struggling all the time against self-imposed limitations. You are hungering for some sort of spiritual attainment and there are many people in the marketplace, all eager to sell you solutions.
However, the only solution is egoic dissolution. Therein, the person who is practicing, and the process of practicing are both gone.
Yet, this ‘you’ isn’t willing to ‘go quietly into the night’.
The fear of your coming to an end, the fear of what you know as yourself and as you experience yourself, impedes your awakening.
Awakening is the transcendence of this fear.
What is feared foremost, even more than ‘other’, is not-being. All other fears are derivative. They ultimately produce omniphobia, a sort of an existential tinnitus, an unceasing ringing.
Not-Being is the source of Being and you are afraid of confronting It.

July 31

The Hard Truth

The masters make it sound as if awakening was easy. Yet so few actually wake up? The masters blame the disciples, the disciples blame the masters. What do you see to be so?
First the body was born and then it was named. Over time, the named form became a person, a set of behaviors, beliefs and opinions. Having squeezed yourself into this named form with a detailed identity, you began on a spiritual path.

But I’m here to tell you that there is no arrival on the road to enlightenment as long as you insist on bringing your self along.

July 23


What is the best viewpoint?
Having no viewpoint is the best viewpoint. Seeing everything as a mental construct is the next best viewpoint.
Mind is your theatre wherein both the microcosm and the macrocosm play out. As the protagonist, you dominate the scene and get engrossed in your role, for a time forgetting yourSelf.
You take on an identity and every identification furthers limitation.
Identity, a memory based narrative, roots and supports the self process. It imposes limits on the Self via personalization.
In the absence of a story, there is no identity. It is not you, but merely a costume you’ve put on.
It’s the attachment to identity that, as with all attachments, binds.
The individual is the one who thinks that the body is the doer of actions thereby supporting the false notion of the individual.
Refuse memory. This leads to a direct path to Self-declaration and the discovery that there is no actual ‘who’.

April 10

Truly Religious

coverluluThe movement of clouds never disturbs the sky. Your pose must be the same. What you are is prior to thought; you are the Knowing of thought. Thoughts come, thoughts go.
The trick is to not invite any of them to stay a while and have a beer.

All wanting is an extension of the egoic processes. All searching is an extension of the egoic processes because searching is always based on the underlying presumption of absence of, and separation from, That Which Always Already Is.

One who leaves all efforts aside and surrenders to That Which Always Already Is need not undertake any method or practice.

This is the truly religious one.