September 21

E-Mailbag August 2016 Part 2

The ancient teachings tell us that the fundamental problem is desire for objects. Do you agree?
It is not objects as such that we desire, but an envisioned outcome from relationship with them. At its root, that outcome is the experience of Satchitananda, the contentment of Being Consciousness. However, the wrong tool can never produce the right outcome just as you can’t hear a sunset.

If you were to sum up everything you’ve understood in a few sentences, what would it be?
See what you are; be what you are. No effort is required to be what you are. Effort is required only to sustain what you aren’t.

It is important to me to know whether or not you are my Master and whether satsang is right for me.
When there is no ‘me’, questions regarding masters will be unimportant.
Any satsang has never been your relationship with the teacher. It is your relationship with the teaching and is evidenced by how you live the teaching.
In it, there is no submission to the teacher, only submission to the teaching. It’s an attitude wherein your life is lived in service to That.
This is the vaccine that eradicates the Narcissus virus.
Give consideration to these words. Accept and live them, reject them, or investigate their validity. These are the options I present to you.

What do you expect of me?
I expect you to fan the spark that has been given until such a raging inferno arises, an inferno that consumes everything you have brought here including yourself.
What can expect to happen if I follow your advice?
I can’t tell you what to expect. I can only advise that you do nothing deliberately. It’s entirely outside of your control and influence. Whatever happens, comes from within, unexpectedly.

September 10

My Will Be Done

The sharpest weapon in your arsenal is surrender. The surrender of all self-concern is essentially the way of the servant, of one who lives in service to That.
Surrender is more an attitude than a path. Surrender is nothing more than the cessation of the stance ‘My will be done’. It is utter helplessness. No one can help you, and you cannot help yourself. In its absence, all kinds of practices are being substituted.
Yet, the ancient seers clarified the true position: ‘I reveal Myself to those that I choose.’

January 27

Renunciation and Satsang

There is no need to renounce the world when renouncing yourself is sufficient. The letting go of all supports reveals that which requires no support.
You need not try to be what you already are. If your religion was nothing more than being what you are, temples, mosques and idols would all be unnecessary. Those few who are talking about the possibility of a direct contact with the Universal threaten to put religion out of business by eliminating the middleman.
Therefore, I recommend only one form of meditation and that is being. Like the clock that reflects time, the body in the world reflects Being. Being, without being anything in particular, is the highest form of meditation.
Satsang means association with Being. When am I not in association with Being? There is nowhere one need to go for satsang. Satsang is NowHere.

January 11

December 14, 2015 Part 1

How can I become enlightened?

You can’t become what you are already. You can only drop the belief in becoming.
How can I gauge my progress?
Only the ego is concerned with the degree or level of its progress.
Is not samadhi a sign of progress?
Samadhi is a candy given to the practitioner.

What is the Self?
Self is that in which, of which, from which, for which, and by which everything actually is.

I do self inquiry for four to five hours each day. Wouldn’t you agree that’s sufficient?
What advantage is there in doing self inquiry for four hours each day if in the end it only results in establishing a more deeply held conviction that there is a ‘you’ who is inquiring?

What must I surrender in order to be free?
You cannot surrender what was never truly yours. You can only surrender the belief in ‘yours’. Who can surrender and what qualifies as ‘mine’ that can be surrendered? True surrender is nothing other than executing an irrevocable Power of Attorney to the source of Being.

I don’t see how the mind can be used to get beyond mind.
I never said it could be. The mind is not the right tool for the task. It like choosing a toothpick to pry open a bank vault.

Is duality really not real?
There is beingness or existence. There is functioning and there is the perceiving and experiencing of said functioning. Duality is the basis on which this manifestation takes place. Any wholesale denial of duality is the denial of the manifestation.

Is ‘I am not the body’ all that I need to remember?
‘I am not the body’ is the early understanding whereas ‘I am not limited to the body’ is the more fully developed understanding.

Would you please explain how the world rises in me?
Like a light that automatically goes on when someone enters a room, the waking world springs into view simultaneously with the seer. Likewise, the dream world springs into view simultaneously with the dreamer. Each is conditioned on a perceiver. In the absence of a perceiver, as in deep dreamless sleep, nothing is.

I think I’m beginning to ‘get it’. I can see that the ego is bullshit. How can I finally be done with it?
Don’t feed it and it dies.
Once doubt in the reality of the ego as being oneself begins, ego’s dissolution has also already begun. You are then ready to sink into the Conscious Life Energy Itself. Abide there until your co-extensiveness with all that is is clearly seen, until the basic unity of multiplicity and the non-dual Absolute becomes obvious.