January 9

No Instruction, Teaching or Practice

To know that you are doesn’t need any instruction, teaching or practice. Because of this ‘I am’ knowledge, everything else can subsequently be.
The love to be, the love of Conscious Being, is manifested in every living organism through its impulse to survive, to continue. Yet, that which has being is inexorably racing back to what is prior to being.
The daily arising of the sense of being is immediately following by the arising of the sense of being ‘this’. Individuality has arisen.
You are so used to mistaking the means for looking for that which is looking. It has become your default pose.
Data is coming in from sensory sources and mental sources. For each, there is receiving, recording and reacting.
You attribute it all to ‘you’. Yet, in reality, ‘you’ isn’t doing anything. All this is happening spontaneously in the psychosomatic structure with which there has been the identification labeled ‘you’.

December 31

Its Action Figure

Experiences can be described but how does one describe that which is Experiencing.
The body doesn’t know what it is doing. It is Knowing that knows.
Being is implicit in Conscious Presence. It is this Conscious Presence that Uses the composite, mind/body/self, as Its action figure, Its Instrument. In this manner, as if in a movie, It is provided with the protagonist’s eye-view and the protagonist’s experiences.
The relationship between the Conscious presence and this composite is best described as I-as.

December 13


Don’t complicate what is essentially fairly simple.
In total sensory deprivation, you know that you are.
Even in the absence of thought, you carry the sense that you are.
That you are is prior to both thought and sensation.
In every moment, are you not perceiving, are you not experiencing?
What effort must you make to perceive? What effort must you make to experience?
Within the context of Being, you are effortless Perceiving and Experiencing that uses the sentient form as Its Instrument.
You are very ancient. How ancient? You were already present when time began.
Let there be no confusion. Conscious Being is doing what the usurper self claims as its own.

December 6


Prior to this birth, it is not as if you weren’t. You existed, in latency. Latency coming into being equals birth.
When ‘I am’ first dawns, there is no ‘who’ attached to it. It is ‘who-less’. ‘Who’ comes later.
This sense of being, ‘I am’, is like water in a sponge. Over time, it evaporates.
All of your identities change with time. This is the case unless you are identified with Timelessness Itself.
Understand what you really are and there is no necessity for spiritual pursuits. Absorb this thoroughly, abide in it, and in due course you will recognize the rubber snake and have no fear to play with it.
What further realization is required?