November 20

Ego’s Seductive Power

The only seductive power the ego can have is the power we assign it.

Ego first appears at around 18-24 months of age. It’s a process latent in the design software.
It operates in tandem with Darwin’s survival of the fittest. There’s no regard for the planet because the quality of the future is unimportant. Only getting to the future, survival, matters. The organism therefore seeks to gain an advantage, me over other; tribally, us over them.

But the ego is only a collection of processes. Discerning this, a movement away from identification with these processes begins just as you don’t identify with digestion. What you refer to as “true nature” is then no longer obscured.

Don’t give any credence to the idea of an evolution in consciousness. Consciousness is not a possession of mine or yours requiring evolution. It is the Ground of Being, transcending evolution. The notion of an evolution in consciousness keeps us believing in becoming, preoccupied with what we could be instead of focused on what we already innately are.

September 12

Relating to the World

Q: After listening to you for some time, I am still unclear how I should relate to the world.

R: The world is perceived; what is responsible for its appearance? This force which is in the body is the root of the existence and maintenance of the entire universe. That includes you, as a person. But you are not a person; you are the motive force.
Understand that your confusion has imposed limits on what is essentially unlimited.
You may be filled with self conviction, but there is not a hint of Self-conviction.
Merely observe; observe what seem to be your thoughts and what seems to be your feelings and actions. Just observe and in that observation, notice the peace that accompanies uninvolvement.
Pure Being is the reality; being this or that is merely a projection.
Undiluted consciousness or immaculate perception is the mere observing of events whereas particularized consciousness strings the events together to form a narrative in which involvement ensues. A seeming you has invented a totality to contain the seeming you as one part.
How can this not breed confusion?
A person’s states will change. He will go from happy to bored to sad or whatever. But that which is subject to changing is not the underlying reality. Take a step back and watch the changes come; then you begin to establish distance from them. As the distance increases, so does the conviction that you are the attention only, and not what is attended to.
You are that which outshines anything that shines.
One accepts the mind as real even though it is formless and unseen. Why not accept the Formless and Unseen as real and extend to it the same degree of mesmerization that you allocate to mind? Understand that whatever controls your attention becomes your meditation. Discriminate between the Essential and the non-Essential and stop chasing the latter. Let it be your constant preoccupation. Do not allow the diversity to distract you from the underlying unity.
Is any other method required?
In his Eightfold Path, Buddha called this Right View. Note that it was first, it was primary. What most people fail to grasp is that the other seven are byproducts of Right View.
Have Right View and then determine what else is necessary.

June 15

Name and Form

In order that they can be referenced, forms require names. Prior to receiving a name and knowing oneself to be the name relating to the form, one did not know oneself. It is not prior to consciousness but it is prior to self-consciousness.
When the body awakens in the morning, the world awakens with it. Perceived by the senses and conceived by the brain, this totality seems real. But this body in this world is temporal, transitory. It comes, it goes.

That which knows all comings and goings stands outside them. There is no thing independent of It.

May 14

Acausal Transcendental Being

There is no world beyond space and time. There is no world before space and time. What you seem to be is an individualization, appearing in a world that has arisen within the strict confines of space and time. Your native stance is outside the world yet you seem to be in it.
The sense of ‘being here’ is a necessity for taking as real a world ‘out there’.
Yes, the world seems very real. It is easy to become engaged with it, involved in it. Too, being somebody seems quite real; involvement here too is quite easy.
Your seeming existence is conditional, a particularization of the Unconditional Precondition.
It requires the media of space and time and a body that is infused with the Conscious Life Energy, that in which all phenomena appear, that by which all is perceived and that through which all action is initiated.
However, one must discriminate between conditional states with numerous causes vis-a-vis Acausal Transcendental Being.
This is a direct confrontation with That which is responsible for whatever appears.
What are you arising within? Until the sense “I am” arrives, what can be known?