March 30

Another Myth of Enlightenment

Another myth of enlightenment is that memory and personality are gone.
However, memory isn’t wiped out; it persists. The outcome of memory, personality, is still there. The body is still there.
Was Ramana without memories, without personality or a form?
The organism has now fallen into a natural rhythm and it functions in the needful way, without self-referral.
There is no longer any dissatisfaction with the world. They can never do anything wrong because they have transcended the continuum of right and wrong.

May 24


The impulse to search is like the bite of the mosquito. It must be scratched. Why the mosquito chose you remains unknown.
It’s only after extensive scratching that you learn the futility of scratching.
The paradox is that most people have to begin by denying reality to the world, only to subsequently discern that the world is not other than oneself.
The withdrawal from the finite in order to achieve a re-establishment in the infinite is the first stage. The second is the ability to journey back and forth between the infinite and the finite. The mastery of the two constitutes freedom, both freedom ‘from’ and freedom ‘to’.

May 3

The Way


So many people are looking for a way, a means to see more clearly.
When I tell them that the way leads through yourself to before yourself; they shake their heads.
They want to add something to themselves, as if a lack needs to be filled. But, adding tin to gold doesn’t make better gold.
What you seek is so near you, that there really is no room for a way. Most folks insist that isn’t enough. So I say that if there is any way, if there is anything that needs to be done, it may very well be simply to listen to the words.
What else is there to do? It is like eating. All you can do is to place the food in your mouth, chew and swallow. Everything that ensues is spontaneous, unconscious and automatic.
Listen only, not with the intellect, but with undistracted listening. If you use the intellect, you’ll end up saying “I understand intellectually, but………….”. You may think you have accomplished something, gotten somewhere. But it’s not so.
If you listen completely and allow the words to sink down deeply, what needs clarification receives clarification.