February 25

Problem Solved

Your wrong view is that you have presumed that there is a single continuous body onto which the three states come and go. However, this body is an aspect of the waking state only.
The body, with its pains and problems, doesn’t accompany you either in dream nor deep sleep.
There is no single, continuous body to which each of these states happen. The states happen to Consciousness.
You are that Consciousness to which the body happens, to which the mind happens, to which thoughts happen, to which the waking and dream worlds happen.
It is this mechanism of thought that creates the problem, but it can never ever solve the problem.
When thoughts become ‘mine’, problems become ‘mine’. Yet, this is like believing that moonlight comes from the moon.
If the solution doesn’t free you from the problem, then it isn’t the solution, wouldn’t you agree?
When none are me, when none are mine, where’s the problem?
Problem solved!

December 11


Rather than say the world is imagination, it is better to say that it is imagination-like, mere appearance. The world has the same degree of reality as the individual actor in it. It can be likened to a dream insofar as it is relatively real from within the dream while ultimately unreal from outside it.
The only so-called bondage is your persistent assumption that you are the body.
Understand that ‘me’ is the way that the brain encased in a body refers to itself. It’s a convention the brain uses. There is no ‘me’ independent of the body.
One rids oneself of one’s suffering when one rids oneself of one’s narrative, when one rids oneself of one’s self.
Who is there who can change this brain function, who can rid you of ‘you’?
Only the One Who Sent you can rid you of this ‘you’, your attempts to usurp Its power notwithstanding.

November 30


Nothing need be controlled. Nothing need be suppressed.
Neither mental nor physical activity can end mental activity.
The internal dialogue will go on until you cease indulging it. Refuse it the energy of attention and it withers and dies.

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October 5


Trying to create a peaceful state of mind is in fact creating disturbance.
The urge to meditate is just a further attachment to doing. However, some people are not yet ready to sit quietly and do nothing. So, I don’t draw a hard line in the sand.
I say neither ‘meditate’ nor ‘don’t meditate’. I only advise that if you feel you must meditate, check your mind, body and intellect at the door before you take your seat. Where you must go, so to speak, the mind, body and intellect cannot accompany you. If you insist on such company, you will be barred entry.
There are thousands and thousands of those who will teach you how to start meditating, but I have not heard of a single one that will teach you how to stop meditating.