February 4

Just That Simple

Noumenal non-manifestation, Subjective I, complete unicity,
I, Awareness, Unaware of any thing other than the potential for everything to come into Being.
I am, the acknowledgement of Its Coming into Being as Consciousness. It is recognizable as the feeling of Being.
I as, the Perceiving and Experiencing of the contents of Being via a sentient instrument.
It’s that simple.
All the narratives that may ensue are for entertainment purposes only.

January 23

That One

Every one is ultimately annihilated in the One, by the One, the One other than which nothing is, the Indescribable One that illuminates every ‘this’.
When everything is gone, that One, the All, remains.
The All is totally free. In Its total freedom, It Is free to Disidentify and simply Observe or to Identify. Its Identification with the means of experience facilitates the process of Experiencing Itself.
Needing no support of its own, the All supports all. Using Beingness as Its Instrument, It Sources worlds.
Each day, Being is what is observed first. Then, what is contained in Being comes next.
It is the very love of this Beingness that drives all species to survive.

January 4


It’s not reasonable to expect to get the right answers by asking the wrong questions. All how-to questions are wrong. They are asked by an individual wanting directions for what the individual is to do to transcend that very individuality.
The three ‘right’ questions are these:
When there is knowing, what is it that knows?
When there are actions, what is it that acts? and
When there are experiences, what is it that is experiencing?
Deep consideration of these will carry you far.

December 28

‘I am’ Is A Fragment

Existence is nondual. On the other hand, Being comes and goes and is the herald of duality. All understanding is in duality. Prior to duality there is nothing to be understood.
Conscious Being is prior to the three states of body-mind. It is the portal to the Unconditional.
The Conscious Life Energy, when It first presents Itself, does so as images and words: mind. Mind is the root of dreams, and also of the waking state.
Mind, when made material, constitutes the body and the world-body. It Assumes a human form that cycles through three states of a self-field. It is then fixated on the sensations, entangled in the experiences.
All activity is inside of the field of Consciousness. Outside the field is the abode of the Unmoving.
From this Highest, only witnessing of the beingness and the activities within the beingness happens.
From the Highest, ‘I Amness’ emerges and then experiences take place.
The ‘I Amness’ is a fragmentation. It is limited, conditioned, time-bound, only apparently real.