December 22


The world is the surface of the mind much like waves are the surface of the ocean. Both mask the immensity at the depths.
See the person you imagine yourself to be as one part of the world you imagine in your mind.
What you are is Experiencing. When you tire of experiences, you revert to Witnessing, a passive observing of events. You are unimaginable, unaffected, the Witnessing of the imagined.
When you tire of time-bound events, you will revert to that which is the Natural Native Condition, antecedent to time and space and the field of Being, that One Existence Always Already So.

December 6


Prior to this birth, it is not as if you weren’t. You existed, in latency. Latency coming into being equals birth.
When ‘I am’ first dawns, there is no ‘who’ attached to it. It is ‘who-less’. ‘Who’ comes later.
This sense of being, ‘I am’, is like water in a sponge. Over time, it evaporates.
All of your identities change with time. This is the case unless you are identified with Timelessness Itself.
Understand what you really are and there is no necessity for spiritual pursuits. Absorb this thoroughly, abide in it, and in due course you will recognize the rubber snake and have no fear to play with it.
What further realization is required?

November 4

Right Context

See that that the phenomenal world and the phenomenal self are not the Right Context from which to establish viewpoint.
‘Inauthentic-I’ is the body/mind/self point of view. This ‘inauthentic-I’ never transcends; it is what needs to be transcended. Then, diversity without separateness is clearly viewed.
The path to It is the path back to It. To return the way you came is the only path. It proceeds from ‘I as’ back to ‘I am’ culminating at ‘authentic-I’.

October 25

Anterior Condition

The body has no need to understand anything. The urge for understanding is intellectual only. Most people enjoy binge feeding the intellect. They spend their entire lives sharpening that intellect.
Only the fortunate few come to see that they’ve been sharpening the wrong tool.
However, the truth is that when there is no individual, even enlightenment becomes unnecessary.
Until now, you have been looking in the wrong direction. There is no direction, neither east nor west, in which to look other than the direction of That which is non-local.
Once you understand what It is, you will know where to look in order to find It.
In free Identification with That from which all structures of self and other emerge, all conditions of Being, each and every state, are discerned to be modifications of ThatSelf, of the Anterior Condition.
It is a transition from somewhere in particular to everywhere.
It is the silence that supports sound, the space that supports the seen, a continuum of emptiness and fullness.
Your own Self gives whatever knowledge is required. Your attention must remain on It, not on whatever you get from It.