December 13


Don’t complicate what is essentially fairly simple.
In total sensory deprivation, you know that you are.
Even in the absence of thought, you carry the sense that you are.
That you are is prior to both thought and sensation.
In every moment, are you not perceiving, are you not experiencing?
What effort must you make to perceive? What effort must you make to experience?
Within the context of Being, you are effortless Perceiving and Experiencing that uses the sentient form as Its Instrument.
You are very ancient. How ancient? You were already present when time began.
Let there be no confusion. Conscious Being is doing what the usurper self claims as its own.

November 21

Most Valuable Experience

The most valuable experience is the one that reveals to you that experiences have little value.
There is no preparation for it; no yoga, no practice, method or sadhana. You may prepare for it if you so choose, but you’re merely giving yourself something to do because passively waiting is too uncomfortable. So, you’re making a candle to use to see the sun.
Whatever you do to free yourself from your self is a self-centered activity. That should be glaringly obvious.
It is only when all movement in the direction of getting something has come to an end that the ‘getting’ can occur.

November 9

Third Eye Consolidation

No university teaches how to be.
The presumption of a problem energizes the search for a solution.
The selfing process has created an imaginary illness. What can be done to cure what is unreal?
The re-cognition or seeing again of that which had been previously overlooked is not an effect of a cause. It is not any process in which you go from non-Realization to Realization.
It is the spontaneous, acausal shattering of the root habit: ‘I am this’.
We don’t search for truth here. So much of your motivation to be here is based on beliefs that just aren’t so. The true polluted by the false is false. It is the nature of the false to seem real. So, all the false beliefs must first be removed.
That which you are is complete; it need not improve on itself. The drive to improve is itself based on the falsehood that you are incomplete.
You will not get new experiences here. You already have all the experiences you need. Experiences are temporary. I am not concerned with any state which, by definition, is temporary. Those interested in pursuing higher states have knocked on the wrong door.
I have nothing from which you will benefit because to benefit there must be an entity, and there is no entity. I’m not helping others because there are no others to help.
I can’t cause anyone’s realization because any such realization is acausal.
I can only inform you that you are neither the body nor the mind. You are not even the conditional, spatiotemporal Conscious Presence. You are the absence onto which objective presence is erected. It is no sound, silence; no movement, stillness.
When the shift in your vantage point spontaneously occurs, it is primarily neurological, but may also manifest physically as a byproduct.
With utter clarity as pertains to whatever is presently arising, the third eye consolidates the dualities of two-eyedness and reveals the Self Source. This is the Transcendental Condition, that prior to differentiation, separation, individuation, or limitation.
Therein, nothing need be escaped or embraced and all this conditional arising is accepted, regarded with tacit certainty to be only appearance.

September 21

E-Mailbag August 2016 Part 2

The ancient teachings tell us that the fundamental problem is desire for objects. Do you agree?
It is not objects as such that we desire, but an envisioned outcome from relationship with them. At its root, that outcome is the experience of Satchitananda, the contentment of Being Consciousness. However, the wrong tool can never produce the right outcome just as you can’t hear a sunset.

If you were to sum up everything you’ve understood in a few sentences, what would it be?
See what you are; be what you are. No effort is required to be what you are. Effort is required only to sustain what you aren’t.

It is important to me to know whether or not you are my Master and whether satsang is right for me.
When there is no ‘me’, questions regarding masters will be unimportant.
Any satsang has never been your relationship with the teacher. It is your relationship with the teaching and is evidenced by how you live the teaching.
In it, there is no submission to the teacher, only submission to the teaching. It’s an attitude wherein your life is lived in service to That.
This is the vaccine that eradicates the Narcissus virus.
Give consideration to these words. Accept and live them, reject them, or investigate their validity. These are the options I present to you.

What do you expect of me?
I expect you to fan the spark that has been given until such a raging inferno arises, an inferno that consumes everything you have brought here including yourself.
What can expect to happen if I follow your advice?
I can’t tell you what to expect. I can only advise that you do nothing deliberately. It’s entirely outside of your control and influence. Whatever happens, comes from within, unexpectedly.