January 14

By What?

What technique or method is need to confirm for you that you are? When you adhere to that sense of being without altering it to be a sense of being something in particular, you’ve transcended all techniques.
The question ‘what is to be done?’ is really asking ‘what is this body to do?’ You presume you are someone who can take action. What can any body do to move beyond identification with the body?
It is the confusion that persists throughout the ‘my life drama’.
By what do you know that you are?
No effort can be dispel the confusion because the individual making an effort is the hallmark of the confusion. ‘I am’, confirming ‘I am’ again and again, building conviction around it, is the only technique. It finishes identification with the body/mind/self composite.
As soon as you relinquish your particularity, you discern that you are the universal, that Conscious Presence.

December 16

The Great Myth

The goal of all practice is exactly the same, to become something other than what you presently are.
How many Buddhas, how many Ramanas, have been produced through practice?
Like unique flowers that appear spontaneously, a Buddha or a Ramana cannot be reproduced by any means.
The Great Myth is that there is a Way.
All systems and methods for obtaining enlightenment are non-sense. There is no Way, no oasis, only a mirage comprised of beaten tracks that have failed to produce desired results. It’s useless activity, like an immortal preparing his Last Will.
How can anyone cause what is obviously acausal? Be what you are. What more need you be?

November 24

Whatever You Like

No outside, physical agency can help you. Nor can you help yourself.
That which was already present before your daily practice began and that which will continue to be present after your daily practice has concluded need not be attained or gained.
It is always already the case and has been merely overlooked.
Give up your body identity and then meditate fifteen hours a day if you like.

November 21

Most Valuable Experience

The most valuable experience is the one that reveals to you that experiences have little value.
There is no preparation for it; no yoga, no practice, method or sadhana. You may prepare for it if you so choose, but you’re merely giving yourself something to do because passively waiting is too uncomfortable. So, you’re making a candle to use to see the sun.
Whatever you do to free yourself from your self is a self-centered activity. That should be glaringly obvious.
It is only when all movement in the direction of getting something has come to an end that the ‘getting’ can occur.