December 13


Don’t complicate what is essentially fairly simple.
In total sensory deprivation, you know that you are.
Even in the absence of thought, you carry the sense that you are.
That you are is prior to both thought and sensation.
In every moment, are you not perceiving, are you not experiencing?
What effort must you make to perceive? What effort must you make to experience?
Within the context of Being, you are effortless Perceiving and Experiencing that uses the sentient form as Its Instrument.
You are very ancient. How ancient? You were already present when time began.
Let there be no confusion. Conscious Being is doing what the usurper self claims as its own.

November 12


Nothing is more effective than self-inquiry. Yet, it too is ineffective. The results speak for themselves.
The schools of practice base themselves on fundamental errors, rooted in believing in the search as the means for release from seeming chains.
You already are what you’re practicing to become. Suggesting that you engage in any practice or method is like asking water to take a shower.
What I have seen is because of everything that I have done and in spite of everything that I’ve done. It is Self-Given and being Self-Given, one is as likely to get it on a barstool as anywhere else.

November 7

The Heart of Paradox

The psychosomatic reaction to phenomenal ‘other’ produces the self-convention.
Beliefs console this self. Believing is taking a vacation from What-Is. You are then held hostage by your own inadvertence and unwillingness to question the presumed.
When you don’t believe anything, you can realize everything.
It is the heart of paradox: discarding all those things that you are not, ultimately reveals that you are all.
So listen, understand. If you insist on a practice, then live the understanding with neither clinging nor aversion as your practice.
However, as long as you have the idea of influencing events, of producing intended outcomes, liberation will remain elusive.

November 2

Water or Gasoline?

I am here to interfere with your attitude. Your being here acknowledges your understanding that your house is on fire. You want to spray water on it. I want more gasoline.
You see, presently, you have positioned yourself on the beach looking out at the ocean. From that point, you will never discern that you are the ocean itself.
I have no use for traditions or rituals. They may have their proper place but neither can help you discern what not even scripture can convey.
In my view, it does no good to question reality; nothing productive comes from it. If everything is assumed to be unreal, then you are also. What remains to be done, not done, or undone?
Accept that you are presented with a relative reality and then deal with the confusion that arises within it. Question your beliefs and assumptions. It is from these, not any reality, that you must be liberated.
It is this recognition of the obvious that is the end of all belief.