March 21


The body is the brain’s shell. It allows the brain to receive sensations. It is the means for the brain to react to the data received and subsequently interpreted through a matrix of conditionings and genetic predispositions.
The human brain is in a continuous state of evolution.
The self is a product of the neocortex which itself is a product of this evolution.
Evolution is inherent in manifestation and presents as change over time. All change is a sequence of death and rebirth in an identity-free continuity. Enlightenment can be considered to be the highest current stage of that evolution wherein the neocortex de-energizes the selfing it had formerly initiated. In some way the brain processes change and established circuits of brain activity are re-wired. This neuro-atypicality occurs wherein a slow wave brain state supports somatic activity without identification with it.
Just as evolution made the appendix vestigial, it will do likewise with the selfing process.
In spiritual parlance, this evolution is the disentanglement of the Self from body-identity coincident with the addition of another channel of perception: the viewpoint changes.

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February 28


Realization is not something that happens to you when a self engages in spiritual practices, a cause/effect, means/ends dynamic. Realization is not at the end of a sequence of self-actions. Realization is a matter of the spontaneous transcendence of that self wherein one’s true nameless, formless nature is discerned.

Said in another way, clarity does not depend on the performance of any act. It is a spontaneous revelation, emancipation from limitation via Self Recognition.

Changes happen in one’s neurology. One is then neuro-atypical and the mode of being suddenly and irrevocably lacks dualizing thought constructs.

November 30


Revelation occurs when the obstacles to it are removed. The primary obstacle is the belief in a limited self entity. The brain takes the consciousness through which everything is known and misrepresents it as an individual. The authentic-‘I’ becomes submerged beyond recognition. Belief in the reality of this entity becomes equated with survival and the very continuity of existence.
The good news in your case is that nothing need be done about the self entity beyond the recognition of it as not-me but rather as ‘it’. Then peace ensues, not peace as a state of mind but peace as an expression of being. This is the contentment of the Self with Itself.

September 22

Brain Games

The body is the medium of perception. The body anchors the seeming self-as-object. Since the brain has to model everything it encounters, the self-entity is just a representation maintained in the brain.
There exists some unseen center of awareness. You are in a body that feels like it’s yours. This constitutes self-identification and body ownership. Your body occupies a certain volume in physical space, self-location. You look out from behind your eyes providing a first-person or subjective perspective on the world. Because vision, touch, and proprioceptive sensations all match up, there is a sense of ‘mine’.
However, these attributes of self-location, self-identification, and first-person perspective are constructed using the brain’s self-representational capacities. The brain creates a body-centered frame of reference, and everything we perceive is then intimated to us in terms it.
When things clear up and the fog abates, you’ll come to see that there is total functioning and you, this seeming entity, have nothing to do with it. It’s all a stream of events on a stage of experience crafted into a drama. For every performance that presents itself, you are the audience only. I don’t know how to make it any plainer than that.
Life is a spectator sport. Yet, you insist on inserting yourself on to the playing field.