February 25

Problem Solved

Your wrong view is that you have presumed that there is a single continuous body onto which the three states come and go. However, this body is an aspect of the waking state only.
The body, with its pains and problems, doesn’t accompany you either in dream nor deep sleep.
There is no single, continuous body to which each of these states happen. The states happen to Consciousness.
You are that Consciousness to which the body happens, to which the mind happens, to which thoughts happen, to which the waking and dream worlds happen.
It is this mechanism of thought that creates the problem, but it can never ever solve the problem.
When thoughts become ‘mine’, problems become ‘mine’. Yet, this is like believing that moonlight comes from the moon.
If the solution doesn’t free you from the problem, then it isn’t the solution, wouldn’t you agree?
When none are me, when none are mine, where’s the problem?
Problem solved!

November 7

The Heart of Paradox

The psychosomatic reaction to phenomenal ‘other’ produces the self-convention.
Beliefs console this self. Believing is taking a vacation from What-Is. You are then held hostage by your own inadvertence and unwillingness to question the presumed.
When you don’t believe anything, you can realize everything.
It is the heart of paradox: discarding all those things that you are not, ultimately reveals that you are all.
So listen, understand. If you insist on a practice, then live the understanding with neither clinging nor aversion as your practice.
However, as long as you have the idea of influencing events, of producing intended outcomes, liberation will remain elusive.

October 21

Change or Transcend?

The entire approach is misguided.
The world and self are not problems to be solved. Taken as problems, ways to resolve the problem are necessary. Remedies are sought.
All this ends when the demand for ‘other than this’ ends. Nothing needs to be changed.
Everything needs to be transcended.
Change rejects the previous for something considered to be better. Transcendence allows the transcended to continue yet is unaffected by it.
Can you even hear how ridiculous it sounds to talk about what you can do to bring about your transcendence? Can’t you see that only an external agency can bring this about?
That which you pursue is yearning to be heard, but It must await your silence.
Then, the life affected by externals is replaced by one typified by performing the needed while remaining at the silent, still point.

October 13

I Am All

‘I am this body’ is a contamination of ‘I am’. It has been taught to you and is now your habitual point of view. It is as if the space in the cup believes it is limited to the cup. This self-referencing mechanism is a presumptive error and can be replaced. You must see the world as yourself, as not different from who you are.
Teach yourself ‘I am not limited to this body; I am all’.
When firm conviction is established, ‘I am this’ as a limited named form is transformed into ‘I am This’, the Totality. Act in harmony with this new habit and the actual experience of it will dawn on you in no time.