October 8


Attachment to any idea produces a belief. The body/mind viewpoint is an extension of one such belief: ‘This body is me’. What you assert to be reality has been filtered through this body/mind viewpoint.
Finding out what remains in the absence of a self-center requires the dissolution of the body/mind point of view. The illusion of self-importance goes and with it goes particularization.
Your true nature is nothing in particular. As soon as you particularize it, you’re away from it.
That which preceded birth and continues after death is your essential condition. What is between the two is a temporary, passing state.
In every instant when the attention moves off of the Always Already So, veiling ensues. Therefore, inversion is the most direct means for transcending the separative self, by turning the attention to the consideration of that which is Always Already So. It is the profound identification with Being Consciousness Itself, prior to any and all individuation.
Wherever one looks, there is nothing else to see.

July 9

Knowing Presence

Most peoples’ troubles are symptomatic of a deficiency disease, in this case, the lack of attention. Begin to pay attention and the troubles will go.
The malady is the wrong identification with body, senses and mind, by which we appear bound and therefore unhappy. The remedy is to take your stand prior to the body, senses and mind, to pay attention to the knowing of them. This Knowing is Being and it is present.
You are this Knowing Presence.
Consciousness is the non-objective source of all perception.
You are in a position to watch this Consciousness; therefore, you cannot be this Consciousness.
You are the Knowing Presence that knows it.

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April 26

Being Knowing Energy

The Being Knowing Energy manifests. Afterward, conceptions and perceptions are appear. We take them to be “outside” and this is a fundamental error. All appears inside the Being Knowing Energy.

The waking state represents diversity in manfestation. The dream state reveals that diversity is derived from a single source. The deep sleep state reveals said source and is not different from object-free consciousness.

The 3 states come and go; That which knows them does not. That eternal principle which witnesses everything and the absence of everything is shaped like the wind, colored like the sky; how can it be described?

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March 28

Thinking and Knowing

Integrating the rational into the intuitive removes the veil from the mirror. This is akin to the lamp that dispels decades of darkness. It is apperception, direct knowing without thought. You know you exist; you don’t think that you exist.
The test of reality is perennial continuity. The reflection in the mirror is made only of mirror. Each is a fluctuating appearance identical in substance with every other appearance. Nothing is outside of mind except that which perceives mind.