April 10

Mode of Being

The error in your approach is that the tool that you are using to understand the world cannot help you understand Understanding. Wrong means, wrong outcome.
The picture is the Light contacting the screen, Consciousness in contact with mind, appearance. When attention shifts from the screen to Consciousness, the spell of the world is broken.
Put these words into practice, not as a practice, but rather as a mode of being. It is what really matters and is what separates the earnest from those less so. As such, my words are only for the fittest ears.
For the rest, a constancy of conscious communion is best.

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April 5

Death, Really?

Death is hearsay, something you’ve heard about but haven’t experienced.
In one sense, nothing dies. Energy is converted from one form to another.
At death, the body reverts to the inert condition it was in as an unfertilized ovum.
Yet, in another sense, everything dies because the waking state, upon which all is founded, itself dies.
Because I am, other objects can be. If I am not, nothing is. Is this not true for you also?