March 30

Another Myth of Enlightenment

Another myth of enlightenment is that memory and personality are gone.
However, memory isn’t wiped out; it persists. The outcome of memory, personality, is still there. The body is still there.
Was Ramana without memories, without personality or a form?
The organism has now fallen into a natural rhythm and it functions in the needful way, without self-referral.
There is no longer any dissatisfaction with the world. They can never do anything wrong because they have transcended the continuum of right and wrong.

March 28

Wu Hsin on Facebook

It’s been brought to my attention that there is a certain ongoing disruption going on as relates to my possible death and all the FB noise concerning Wu Hsin and myself.
Let’s try to clear all that up.
To anyone who has actually taken the time to read the Intro on the FB page, there should be no confusion.
I am the translator of the pre-A.D. documents that, in sum, would constitute the Lost Writings.
I have nothing to do with the ‘second’ Master Szuhsin Wu-Hsin (1044-1115).
Nor do I have anything to do with the recently passed third Wu Hsin, whose exceptional insights filled the FB page.
However, the entire matter misses the point. Whether or not the Krishna portrayed in the Gita actually lived as a historical personage in no way affects the message of the Gita. You can assume that he lived or you can take it to be a literary form intended to convey a non-conventional viewpoint.
The words need to stand and fall on their own merit. Fixation on the message, not the messenger, is what is key. If one is truly thirsty, the vessel that the water comes in is of little importance.
Suggestions that I’m only in it for the money are not even worthy of reply.
To be honest, I have known Lu Feng Xin for a time and have agreed to offer my support to her should a need arise.
I hope that this extinguishes the ‘fire’.

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March 25

Homo ‘Distractus’

One’s capacity to disregard is easily as remarkable as one’s ability to see or hear. That’s what makes overlooking the obvious so easy.
In this age of ‘homo distractus’, of screen addiction and short term spans of attention, competing with the outer is a Sisyphean undertaking. It is the fundamental lapse from communion.
You return to your practice for an hour or two or whatever and then you relapse.

March 21


All self-centric perception is restricted misperception. It is like looking out at the world through a keyhole in a door.
Individuals can’t know the real, only the seeming, of which they are a part, never apart.
They may tell themselves otherwise but a lame man can never climb atop an elephant regardless of what he tells himself.
No being can go prior to Being. One can talk about the Absolute, but It is not a reachable destination, as such.
One is confined to working within the constraints of the field of Being and in that regard, Conscious Being is the highest.
Like dawn is the borderline between day and night, Conscious Being is the borderline between the seeming and the Unknowable.
Why would you prefer ongoing involvement in conditional being when abidance as Conscious Being can be yours?
Don’t be misled. Dissociation from phenomena is not the highest. It is the step preceding the highest like the last step before the rooftop.
Identification with all phenomena is the highest, the All’s Eye View of no-otherness. No inside distinct from outside, no real distinct from unreal.
Conscious Being is Its billboard. On it, there is Functioning, energetic movement.
Its contents are like fireworks, dazzling for a time and then gone.
Yet, even if the billboard is torn down, the All ever Prevails.
Expression is Its Nature, wherein what resides in potential is made actual.
‘I am All’ is Its Declaration. Making this declaration your own and living it is quite enough.