February 25

Problem Solved

Your wrong view is that you have presumed that there is a single continuous body onto which the three states come and go. However, this body is an aspect of the waking state only.
The body, with its pains and problems, doesn’t accompany you either in dream nor deep sleep.
There is no single, continuous body to which each of these states happen. The states happen to Consciousness.
You are that Consciousness to which the body happens, to which the mind happens, to which thoughts happen, to which the waking and dream worlds happen.
It is this mechanism of thought that creates the problem, but it can never ever solve the problem.
When thoughts become ‘mine’, problems become ‘mine’. Yet, this is like believing that moonlight comes from the moon.
If the solution doesn’t free you from the problem, then it isn’t the solution, wouldn’t you agree?
When none are me, when none are mine, where’s the problem?
Problem solved!

February 19


You pay complete attention to the world and you indulge it, moving from one condition to another condition. Flowing like a stream, you have become directionless, no longer focused in the recognition of the Source.
The outcome is confusion, a misdirectedness, looking in the wrong direction. So you pursue a state of timelessness, but you ignore the fact that nothing can happen except in the field of time. Outside of time, nothing ever happens.
Shankara had only four students and that was four too many.
Drop your demand for a ‘how’. Understand that the Self is Self-Revealing. No other agency, teacher, practice or method can effect Self-revelation.
The commercial teachers will teach whatever is fashionable. They’ll provide numerous techniques that produce a further burden which, at their end, don’t in any way lighten the load.

February 4

Just That Simple

Noumenal non-manifestation, Subjective I, complete unicity,
I, Awareness, Unaware of any thing other than the potential for everything to come into Being.
I am, the acknowledgement of Its Coming into Being as Consciousness. It is recognizable as the feeling of Being.
I as, the Perceiving and Experiencing of the contents of Being via a sentient instrument.
It’s that simple.
All the narratives that may ensue are for entertainment purposes only.