January 31


All self-centric perception is restricted misperception. It is like looking out at the world through a keyhole in a door.
Individuals can’t know the real, only the seeming, of which they are a part, never apart.
They may tell themselves otherwise but a lame man can never climb atop an elephant regardless of what he tells himself.
No being can go prior to Being. One can talk about the Absolute, but It is not a reachable destination, as such.
One is confined to working within the constraints of the field of Being and in that regard, Conscious Being is the highest.
Like dawn is the borderline between day and night, Conscious Being is the borderline between the seeming and the Unknowable.
Why would you prefer ongoing involvement in conditional being when abidance as Conscious Being can be yours?
Don’t be misled. Dissociation from phenomena is not the highest. It is the step preceding the highest like the last step before the rooftop.
Identification with all phenomena is the highest, the All’s Eye View of no-otherness. No inside distinct from outside, no real distinct from unreal.
Conscious Being is Its billboard. On it, there is Functioning, energetic movement.
Its contents are like fireworks, dazzling for a time and then gone.
Yet, even if the billboard is torn down, the All ever Prevails.
Expression is Its Nature, wherein what resides in potential is made actual.
‘I am All’ is Its Declaration. Making this declaration your own and living it is quite enough.

January 27

Nothing Dies, Everything Dies

Death is hearsay, something you’ve heard about but haven’t experienced.
In one sense, nothing dies. Energy is converted from one form to another.
At death, the body reverts to the inert condition it was in as an unfertilized ovum.
Yet, in another sense, everything dies because the waking state, upon which all is founded, itself dies.
Because I am, other objects can be. If I am not, nothing is. Is this not true for you also?

January 23

That One

Every one is ultimately annihilated in the One, by the One, the One other than which nothing is, the Indescribable One that illuminates every ‘this’.
When everything is gone, that One, the All, remains.
The All is totally free. In Its total freedom, It Is free to Disidentify and simply Observe or to Identify. Its Identification with the means of experience facilitates the process of Experiencing Itself.
Needing no support of its own, the All supports all. Using Beingness as Its Instrument, It Sources worlds.
Each day, Being is what is observed first. Then, what is contained in Being comes next.
It is the very love of this Beingness that drives all species to survive.

January 19


‘Now’ is the absence of duration and this ‘now’ is continuous. ‘Now’ is all that is being experienced. The sum of sequential, continuous ‘stop-frame nows’ equals time.
Materiality is merely a sensory phenomenon.
When sensory perception is left behind, the physical world is left behind, revealing the imagination which underlies every world.
There may be other worlds, but none of them are yours.
Your world is your viewpoint. The data comes in and is interpreted by the body/mind/self composite with its unique conditioning.
You are Conscious Being embodied. As you know this world, spontaneously, without any effort, you will come to know the Source of All spontaneously, without any effort.
When anyone assigns you a practice, with what can you do practice of any kind? It can only be done with the body/mind/self composite and can only have an impact or effect on it.
So, by all means practice if you are so inclined. But do so with the full understanding of who the beneficiary is.