November 30


Nothing need be controlled. Nothing need be suppressed.
Neither mental nor physical activity can end mental activity.
The internal dialogue will go on until you cease indulging it. Refuse it the energy of attention and it withers and dies.

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November 27


My heresy is the statement: ‘You are greater than God’. This is because you are that which makes God possible. It is only because you are that God may be.
Those who declare: ‘Consciousness is all there is’ have yet to confront that which is antecedent to Consciousness.
This source of consciousness is prior to time and space.
Real existence is without, prior to, time-bound being. Time-bound being is only seeming existence.

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November 24

Whatever You Like

No outside, physical agency can help you. Nor can you help yourself.
That which was already present before your daily practice began and that which will continue to be present after your daily practice has concluded need not be attained or gained.
It is always already the case and has been merely overlooked.
Give up your body identity and then meditate fifteen hours a day if you like.

November 21

Most Valuable Experience

The most valuable experience is the one that reveals to you that experiences have little value.
There is no preparation for it; no yoga, no practice, method or sadhana. You may prepare for it if you so choose, but you’re merely giving yourself something to do because passively waiting is too uncomfortable. So, you’re making a candle to use to see the sun.
Whatever you do to free yourself from your self is a self-centered activity. That should be glaringly obvious.
It is only when all movement in the direction of getting something has come to an end that the ‘getting’ can occur.