October 31


Imagination has absorbed you so completely that you cannot grasp how far you have wandered.
The renunciation of all belief is the basis on which clarity is birthed. Look, question, and you will come to understand.
In every instant, you find yourself somewhere along the creation-destruction continuum that is Being.
It is only when the Conscious Life Energy comes into Being that any world is possible. Thereafter, an apparent world of separate beings and things is seen from an apparently separate point of view.
The authentic ‘I’ then becomes ‘I as’ Tina. ‘I as’ is always a modification, a fragmentation.

October 30

Problematic Thoughts

What are thoughts? They’re merely wisps of smoke coming out of the chimney of a ‘thought factory’. Left alone, they dissipate. Making them ‘yours’ is when all the trouble begins.
‘Yours’ means attachment, ‘you’ attached to an object.
If thoughts aren’t yours, how can they trouble you?
Whatever arises, let it arise. It will eventually subside. How does it affect you if you don’t make it yours?

October 28

The Afterlife

You came here because you believed you weren’t yet ‘there‘. Stop imagining, stop believing.
This is a hard-core esotericism that is not for those lacking in earnest.
The not-Self doesn’t exist in the same way as the self doesn’t exist. These are imaginations.
Mind is imagination, images plus words as thoughts. Sensory deprivation shows us that the mind continues even when the sensations that constitute the world cease. Mind fills space with objects and time with events.
Yet, just as dirt added to water produces dirty water, imagination added to sensations produces an imaginary world. As life before death is an imagination, so is any supposed afterlife.

October 25

Anterior Condition

The body has no need to understand anything. The urge for understanding is intellectual only. Most people enjoy binge feeding the intellect. They spend their entire lives sharpening that intellect.
Only the fortunate few come to see that they’ve been sharpening the wrong tool.
However, the truth is that when there is no individual, even enlightenment becomes unnecessary.
Until now, you have been looking in the wrong direction. There is no direction, neither east nor west, in which to look other than the direction of That which is non-local.
Once you understand what It is, you will know where to look in order to find It.
In free Identification with That from which all structures of self and other emerge, all conditions of Being, each and every state, are discerned to be modifications of ThatSelf, of the Anterior Condition.
It is a transition from somewhere in particular to everywhere.
It is the silence that supports sound, the space that supports the seen, a continuum of emptiness and fullness.
Your own Self gives whatever knowledge is required. Your attention must remain on It, not on whatever you get from It.