September 29

Wrong Belief

Because you still believe in the reality of a self, you believe that there is a way it can free itself from itself. Isn’t this like a thief who joins in his own pursuit?
What happens to a necklace when the silver is removed? It ceases to be a necklace. In the same way, when the self is removed, the individual ceases to be.
It comes about neither through effort nor through the effort of no-effort. It is effortless, as naturally as a sponge soaks up water. It is intentionless.
What has not helped tens of thousands before you will not help you either.
What is the difference whether or not you find this enlightenment? You won’t be there to benefit from it. In it, this ‘you’ is finished.
Enlightenment is already there in the same sense as masculinity is already there. What practice must you undertake to be a man? Just stop believing you’re a dog.

September 27

Unitary Beingness

Wanting to be free from something that is not there is delusion.
There is no need for going beyond. There is no beyond. There is either beingness or before-beingness, which is identical with after-beingness. Where does the sound go after the gong has been struck?
Beingness is unitary, although it comes in many forms.
All there is is This, the manifestation of the Unmanifest. There is then the Perceiving of This and the Experiencing of This.
Consciousness comes into being. Then the world comes into being in Consciousness. In reality, Consciousness and its objects comprise a single field. The form of ‘I Am’, Its objective aspect, is the sum total of everything perceived.
Although the senses know many things, they fail to know you.
There may seem to be a personal consciousness, but it is only one more seeming. There is only the impersonal Consciousness using this form as Its instrument.

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September 25


In my court, I ask that you produce the evidence that your self is real, that there is substance there. Prove it.
Your Being Conscious Presence requires no proof. Rejecting all the embellishments, all the add-ons to It, there is no one remaining to have problems.
This highlights the fruitlessness of seeking.
The purpose here is to communicate what stands outside of the consensus point of view, something unconventional.
Enlightenment is not a future event. It is the recognition of what is always already so and is available right here and right now.
All approaches that direct you to paths, practices, andgradual attainments that lead up to something presently unknown and unavailable in this instant are patently false.
Each of you is an embodiment of searching. Whatever you are searching for is an act of willfulness, grounded in self-interest.
The one that is saying ‘You are not free’ is the same one saying that there is a state of freedom to be pursued.
Just as all effort keeps you in the quicksand, all these practices and techniques only fortify the separative structure. They perpetuate the vanity of doership.
Although there is no guarantee that more experiences, more knowledge, more techniques and methods will help you reach your goal, you persist.
This is hope. Hope means the future. You can’t look to the future for the pay-off of what is here and now.

September 24

The Snare

All searching is dissatisfaction.
You are looking out from some individuated consciousness onto phenomena that seem to be external from yourself.
Searching creates a three-fold snare.
First, it creates a searcher, an individual.
Second, it creates the search, an activity, path, or practice with an intended outcome at some future date.
Last, searching creates the searched for, a presumed object that can be found.
Each is erroneous and each only further tightens confusion’s grip.
You are only sharpening the knife when, in fact, the knife needs to be discarded.

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