August 30

But Is It So?

As a rule, I discuss neither freedom nor bondage here.
If bondage is illusory, how can freedom arise from its destruction?
If the attachment to ‘freedom’ itself is a kind of bondage, why should the word ‘freedom’ be assigned to it at all?
If a man gets into a sack and then fastens it shut, he’s stuck in the sack. Like this, human embodiment has as its ‘cost’ a movement from unitive awareness to a limited, separative, self-centric awareness.
So let’s talk about getting unstuck.
The word ‘everything’ implies a collection of individual things. Existence, therefore, is the potential for everything and Being is its actualization.
There is ‘I’, the Ground or Source of Being. There is ‘I am’, the declaration of Being. Then, there is ‘I-as’, the role in Being, the named form and its behaviors.
Just as a potter uses the clay that he has to work with, you too must use what you have to work with: Being Conscious Presence, the inviolate sense ‘I am’ which is antecedent to ‘I am this’. You are Consciousness, not one who is conscious.
Being Conscious Presence underlies all states. What precedes It is stateless.
All states of consciousness, be they ordinary or extraordinary, are to be transcended so that the non-state state may be realized.
It Is not something that comes into existence. It Is Existence Itself.
There is the experiencing of the world. What effort is required?
Erroneous identification is the only obstacle. Experiencing happens. No effort is required to be what you are and what you are is Experiencing.
Is it experiencing by a body/mind entity or is body/mind merely the instrument of Experiencing? Here, viewpoint is everything.
Just as it is the emptiness in an apple that enables it to float, your emptiness will allow you to float if you simply stop weighing it down with being this or that.
You fear you are sinking but the fear is unfounded.
It is only because you do not know what you are that you imagine yourself to be what you aren’t.
Either trust me when I tell you so or arrive at it by investigation. The former is much quicker than the latter.

How long must I wait for enlightenment?
You need not wait for enlightenment. You must only wait on your willingness to disidentify with what you consider to be your body and your mind.
But, all I want is enlightenment.
The ego is so tricky that it will even want enlightenment as a way of perpetuating itself.
The body has no wants, only needs. All wanting is egoic. Recognize it each time it arises.
How quickly can it happen?
It can happen as quickly as darkness goes the moment you strike a match.

August 28

Some Q&A

I traveled all this way in order for you to free me. Why do you refuse?
You are wanting to be free from something that isn’t there. How can I free you?
Then, at least give me a new name.
The point is not to change names. Changing your name only changes how you are referred to. Nothing else changes. You may imagine yourself to be more spiritual, but it is only imagination.

I came to see you out of curiosity. I already believe that God is on my side and that my awakening is assured.
That’s fine. Just know that a God that takes sides doesn’t exist, nor does the ‘you’ whose side this God takes. It’s all fantasy, not unlike Shrek.

How can I begin my practice?
How to begin practicing is taught everywhere. But who teaches how to stop practicing? Practice produces the dependency on practice.
Why can your goal only happen tomorrow; why not now?
Hope is necessary for tomorrow, not for today. Hope and the goal go hand-in-hand.
What you are chasing is right here, right now. There’s nowhere you need to go. Just stop distracting yourself and look directly.
Attach yourself to the Eternal and It will pull you to Itself.

What is your view regarding gays?
To be gay is nothing to be ashamed of. Nor should it be a sense of pride. It’s merely a preference, like medium-rare.

August 25

Enlightened Body/Minds

Enlightenment is only for those people who think that they are body/minds. These are the only ones who come here.
There is no entity that needs enlightenment. Enlightenment reflects the end of the belief in the entity.
The reason that there is not yet realization in spite of all your efforts is because you won’t give up the self-identification.
If you translate the statements that I am making within the framework of your religious thinking, you are really missing the point. What is overlooked is this: Buddha was there to enable you to be a Buddha and not a Buddhist. Jesus was there to enable you to be Christ-like and not a Christian.
To miss this is to miss everything.

Some teachers talk about surrendering or just letting go. What is your view on this?
Once one knows the true cost of grasping, one sees the benefit in letting go.
To surrender something from your grasp, you merely open your fist. That is the extent of the effort required; it is minimal.
Surrendering everything you’ve been grasping is done in a single movement. Essentially, you switch allegiances from ‘I am this body, mind and identity’ to ‘I am the Conscious Life Energy’.
Paths are indicative of movement, of destinations to be reached. Switching allegiances requires no movement.
For those rare few who can make the continuous, unbroken, surrender from the beginning, there is no question of the outcome.
Once the scaffolding of the seeming self has been dismantled, the life formerly dominated by doing is then dominated by being. It is a return to pure selflessness.
One does not feel oneself any longer to be a named individual form, but infinitely eternal, spaceless even when in space, and
timeless, even when in time. It is the source of everything yet Itself nothing, the One Existent.

August 22

The Unexamined

I won’t do anything to reinforce the belief that by conversing with me, there is something to be gotten that is not already your own.
I am not interested in winning you over to my point of view. I am saying that here, you are presented with the opportunity to realize that you already are both the source and the outcome of all manifestation. Nothing need be added. Either accept it as true or check it out for yourself.
It’s really quite simple and you must have tremendous courage to trust what is simple. Intellect is what makes things difficult.
There is neither way nor technique, neither here nor there, no this, no that.
Just drop the interest in appearances, meet nothing with attachment.
The True Condition is that which is always already the case. What is that because of which you know that you exist and because of which you perceive the body and the world filled with objects?
It is that to which everything else is anterior, that which gives sentience to the body.
See it, know it, then be it.
You need nothing, least of all me.
Don’t take my words to be the truth. I am only giving directions to the truth. Those who spend excessive time discussing what I say have missed the point by missing the pointing.
These words are imperishable seeds. They only await the right conditions.
The sum and substance of what I am trying to convey is this: You are nothing that you are conscious of. Imperceivable, you cannot be known. You can only be. When all superimpositions on this being have ceased, this is the natural condition, that which is always already the case.

What must I do to become happy?
One has to take responsibility for one’s unexamined presumptions and for those things one does that reinforces them.
Your unhappiness is your practice. Your separateness is your practice.
The issue is not how to become happy. The issue is to understand how you presumed you were unhappy, how you presumed you were separate.