July 31

The Hard Truth

The masters make it sound as if awakening was easy. Yet so few actually wake up? The masters blame the disciples, the disciples blame the masters. What do you see to be so?
First the body was born and then it was named. Over time, the named form became a person, a set of behaviors, beliefs and opinions. Having squeezed yourself into this named form with a detailed identity, you began on a spiritual path.

But I’m here to tell you that there is no arrival on the road to enlightenment as long as you insist on bringing your self along.

July 29

Even Being Is Impermanent

Isn’t Consciousness the Ultimate?
Even Consciousness does not last. It comes into being and goes out of being. You always dwell in that perfect condition, whether the beingness appears or disappears.
Being is the modality of perceptual experiencing. Awakening is the realization that space-time has no reality apart from Being, that one is Beingness only as phenomena.
In fact, essentially one is prior even to that, the Indivisible, Indestructible, Unchanging Background.
In this sense, the world has being yet is nonexistent since it lacks permanence. It is, and yet is not.

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July 27


Is all religion bullshit?

The more you investigate, look into, inquire, the less you’ll be able to justify the naive presumptions upon which religion depends.
You have latched on to an external God so that you can perform worship.
Worship may provide benefits to the worshiper, but the worshiped is impartial.
What is God? God must be more than a super-parent.
Yes, you like the idea of the Creator. You like the idea of Saviors, because you fear for your survival. Yet, the longer you persist in enacting survival strategies, the more precarious your release from limitation becomes. Perils seemingly abound. You can’t find rest.
Yet, rest need not be found. The stilling of the wheel of perpetual activity is rest itself.
It has been argued that realization is a progressive process, much like the ripening of fruit. However, just as the fruit cannot speed up the ripening, neither can you.

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July 25

Name and Form

Does the body have a purpose?

The body is a state that masks the Stateless.
It registers pleasure and pain and there is Observing of the registration.
The body conducts experience like wire conducts electricity. There can be no experience in the absence of a conscious association with the conducting vehicle.
You are Consciousness in association with a named form. The name is for reference purposes and the form provides sentience which facilitates experience.
This Consciousness will be there as long as time is there. Just as everything takes place in the world, the world takes place in Consciousness.
Consciousness is the source of everything and the Absolute is the source of Consciousness. It is not merely a state because It is beyond time and space, without distinguishing characteristics. It cannot be called the Unknown, rather the Unknowable.

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