June 30

Excerpt 3

I_As_Cover_for_KindleHow can you take yourself to be spiritual when you are so firmly identified with the body? In this pose, you are not spiritual; you are material. The spiritual is limitless and formless.

When you travel in a train, are you the train? The train is your vehicle; likewise, this body is your vehicle. It is the instrument by which you experience the manifestation of the Unmanifest which is only yourSelf.

Are you interested in reality or only an improved form of fiction?

Whatever you may be doing to transcend your imaginary life is part of that imaginary life. What needs to be done is actually done by something outside it. You are taken to the Timeless by the Timeless.

I am not talking about realizing a higher or better state of mind. This is about moving beyond all states of mind and arriving at what can only be called a stateless state.


from newly published I As

June 27

Excerpt 2

I_As_Cover_for_KindleStop trying to make the water wetter. You already have everything that you need.

If you are hungry and there is food, hunger ceases to be your attitude as long as you are willing to eat. Talking about eating will not fill you. If, rather than eat, you remain preoccupied with the narrative of your suffering, who is there that can help?

Willingness is key, and you must become responsible for that attitude.

Look at where you are willing and where you are not willing.

from newly published I As

June 24

Excerpt 1

I_As_Cover_for_KindleEmbodied Conscious Being is the localization of that which is essentially non-local. The body is the umbilical cord that connects Consciousness to the world projection. It is the vehicle of Experiencing. This Experiencing is effortless. You are experiencing the world without any effort.

To recap, there is Consciousness as the subject of Experiencing, body/mind as the instrument of Experiencing and phenomena as the objects of Experiencing. Without Consciousness, Noumenon cannot witness anything and without Embodied Consciousness, nothing can be either perceived or experienced.


from newly published I As

June 22


It is the nature of attention to be drawn to screens.
First it was movie screens, then TV screens, then computer screens and now smartphone screens. Yet before all of it, attention was and continues to be, drawn to the screen that is mind.

Consider for yourself: Where does the world take place?

Isn’t it the case that you find yourself in an ever-changing environment experienced through sensory stimuli in which your actions contribute to what takes place in the environment?
Isn’t it also the case that in contemporary parlance this is called virtual reality?

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