May 12


One thinks and acts as if one will never die.

One rightly senses one’s eternality but mis-assigns it onto the seeming self. This eternality is not a living forever. Rather, it is Existence not subject to time.

Grounding one’s awareness in one’s true nature corrects the mis-assignment.

May 9

On Stage

Shapeless, I am in the house yet I am not the house.

Each form that appears is an expression of That which Inhabits it.

Every actor or performer dances to the rhythm of creation, persistence and destruction on the stage with its lighting and scenery. No one steps onto the stage without their role already clearly delineated.

The script is the entirety of life, all its events and the reactions to them.

May 6

Getting There

People neglect the Reality underlying the imaginary world, thereby settling for a virtual reality. This Reality has a specific ‘structure’ which can only be discerned by a marked shift in what had been a fixed observation point. The new vantage point is as different as the view from roof is different from the top floor view.
This new perspective is obtained by retracing the reflection back to its source.

May 3

The Way


So many people are looking for a way, a means to see more clearly.
When I tell them that the way leads through yourself to before yourself; they shake their heads.
They want to add something to themselves, as if a lack needs to be filled. But, adding tin to gold doesn’t make better gold.
What you seek is so near you, that there really is no room for a way. Most folks insist that isn’t enough. So I say that if there is any way, if there is anything that needs to be done, it may very well be simply to listen to the words.
What else is there to do? It is like eating. All you can do is to place the food in your mouth, chew and swallow. Everything that ensues is spontaneous, unconscious and automatic.
Listen only, not with the intellect, but with undistracted listening. If you use the intellect, you’ll end up saying “I understand intellectually, but………….”. You may think you have accomplished something, gotten somewhere. But it’s not so.
If you listen completely and allow the words to sink down deeply, what needs clarification receives clarification.