May 28


Dream is imagination. It occurs in the absence of sentient personhood. When it is made more vivid via sensient self consciousness, it is called waking. The waking state is consciousness involved with the products of sentience.
The difference between the two is like the difference between observing a simulation and participating in a simulation. Yet, both are only simulation.
The world comes into being when a sentient host comes into being.
Both on a macrocosmic and microcosmic level, we can observe the perpetual cycle of emission, preservation and withdrawal. Only objects perish, never the underlying subject that perceives them.

May 24


The impulse to search is like the bite of the mosquito. It must be scratched. Why the mosquito chose you remains unknown.
It’s only after extensive scratching that you learn the futility of scratching.
The paradox is that most people have to begin by denying reality to the world, only to subsequently discern that the world is not other than oneself.
The withdrawal from the finite in order to achieve a re-establishment in the infinite is the first stage. The second is the ability to journey back and forth between the infinite and the finite. The mastery of the two constitutes freedom, both freedom ‘from’ and freedom ‘to’.

May 20

The Real Story

Because you find the temporal to be more interesting than the eternal, you have identified with the flute through which the One makes music, rather than with the One Itself. Therefore, your love affair with the momentary keeps you ensnared in the web of self consciousness.
Every story is a fantasy that supports the self syndrome, that chronic state which excludes things it doesn’t like, controls anything it can overpower, and changes whatever it can manipulate.
However, the ‘real story’ is that there is no person in the body.
There is that which enervates, perceives and experiences. The Conscious Life Energy precedes the three states and is that which vitalizes them.

May 16

Objects To You

Everything that is not you must be categorized as an object to you. Consciousness is what you are. You cannot be what you are conscious of.

‘Cogniser’ and the ‘cognised’ are merely the twin aspects of the function of Cognising.

The personal appears and disappears to this Impersonal. Your error is that you have abandoned the root in pursuit of the branches.