April 30


When I say that we are immaterial, I am not being disrespectful. I am saying that we are not matter and, as such, do not go through what matter goes through: origination, growth, decay and dissolution.

We are so preoccupied with what the body and the mind are doing. Yet, neither is the true self.

The ego chases after continuity, after perpetuity. In fact, it is seeking to return to the perpetuity from which it emerged.

We fear being alone as it is experienced as one step before not-being. Yet, for those who see the unity of all things, aloneness has no meaning.

April 26

Being Knowing Energy

The Being Knowing Energy manifests. Afterward, conceptions and perceptions are appear. We take them to be “outside” and this is a fundamental error. All appears inside the Being Knowing Energy.

The waking state represents diversity in manfestation. The dream state reveals that diversity is derived from a single source. The deep sleep state reveals said source and is not different from object-free consciousness.

The 3 states come and go; That which knows them does not. That eternal principle which witnesses everything and the absence of everything is shaped like the wind, colored like the sky; how can it be described?

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April 22

The Death of Karma

Not a single one of the teachers from whose teachings the great religions of the world developed had any interest in starting a new religion.

Their sole concern was to share their understanding. What was this core understanding?

We can concede that we experience the world from a centralized location. What remains unexamined is the center of that centralized location. Ultimately, this was all they spoke about.

All perceptions, the entire manifestation, solicits this center, calls to it. The center, in turn, allows in some and rejects the rest.

With the attention placed on the center rather than on the periphery, the confusion between what one is and what one appears to be comes to an end. The movie appearing on the screen may change, but the screen itself does not.

This further results in the realization that actions are done through you and not by you. It is the death of karma as there is no longer any doer per se for karma to attach itself to. The arrow released from the bow suddenly falls to the ground.

April 19

Transciency and Unreality

To be happy in the world, you must free yourself from it.

What I have come to learn is that things are as they are, because we accept them as they are. Whatever we are engrossed in, we take to be real. In so doing, we become enslaved to our imagination.

For example, Tom, when you are in love with somebody, you imagine that your love will last forever. In so doing, you assign reality to it. However, all too often it ends and when it ends, you tell yourself: “I thought it was real, but it wasn’t”.

Transiency is the best proof of unreality.

Examination of your so-called reality will prompt most of it to dissolve. Then you will be free in the world because you have become freed from the world.