March 28

Thinking and Knowing

Integrating the rational into the intuitive removes the veil from the mirror. This is akin to the lamp that dispels decades of darkness. It is apperception, direct knowing without thought. You know you exist; you don’t think that you exist.
The test of reality is perennial continuity. The reflection in the mirror is made only of mirror. Each is a fluctuating appearance identical in substance with every other appearance. Nothing is outside of mind except that which perceives mind.

March 24


To be stripped of your vanities, that idea that that you possess any true knowledge, is my only requirement.
I am a messenger and this is my message. Take it or leave it; I won’t be offended.
This is not a philosophy that requires reason and proofs and I am not trying to convince you of anything. This is simply my transmission to you of what I have discovered. Detailed explanations are only in service to the intellect.
I seek to express it without the calcification of teachings past, via the replacement of old terminologies.
The shortest approach is to accept my words and integrate your life into them. The longer approach is to verify them for yourself, then integrate. In either event, deeply ponder my meanings and you will be the meanings incarnate.
Don’t make yourself anyone’s follower. Spiritual stagnation is the result of following. The hyena that follows and imitates the tiger deludes itself in believing it can become a tiger.
Realize that there is nothing to realize. The tiger cub is already a tiger. It need not make efforts to become a tiger. It sits, waiting patiently, and its ‘tigerness’ presents in due time.
Now, let’s take a few questions:

Can you confirm my enlightenment?
It is not necessary. It is like drinking water. You don’t need another to tell you that it is cool or hot. As long as there is need to verify one’s realization, there’s no realization.

How does this sense of a separate self get started?
The first knowledge is always of one’s own existence.
What happens when you awaken in the morning is that full sentience returns, the selfing software reboots and the experience of being Jim in the world is produced along with its continuing narrative.

How do I overcome my fear of death?
There is no reason to fear death. The Infinite contains the finite. The finite emerges from It and remerges with it in cyclical duration. Therein, death doesn’t mean non-being. It only means non-being ‘this’, only a change of condition.

If a perfect God created the universe, why is there imperfection in it?
Because imperfection is part of the perfection, not separate from it. Too, imperfection is only in the eye of the seer.

I have been a practicing Buddhist for more than twenty years. I have confronted the void but have not transcended it. What must I do next?
Disassociation from the conditional is what has been traditionally advised to precipitate awakening. But in the end, one must go beyond such disassociation to discern ‘I am all’. ‘I am all’ is the true end of particularization and is the outcome of ‘I am nothing at all’. ‘I am nothing at all’, the void, is where Buddhism mistakenly stops.
The highest is where there is no subjective disassociation from the conditional world. When all existence is realized to be OneSelf, why disassociate from anything?

March 21


The body is the brain’s shell. It allows the brain to receive sensations. It is the means for the brain to react to the data received and subsequently interpreted through a matrix of conditionings and genetic predispositions.
The human brain is in a continuous state of evolution.
The self is a product of the neocortex which itself is a product of this evolution.
Evolution is inherent in manifestation and presents as change over time. All change is a sequence of death and rebirth in an identity-free continuity. Enlightenment can be considered to be the highest current stage of that evolution wherein the neocortex de-energizes the selfing it had formerly initiated. In some way the brain processes change and established circuits of brain activity are re-wired. This neuro-atypicality occurs wherein a slow wave brain state supports somatic activity without identification with it.
Just as evolution made the appendix vestigial, it will do likewise with the selfing process.
In spiritual parlance, this evolution is the disentanglement of the Self from body-identity coincident with the addition of another channel of perception: the viewpoint changes.

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March 18

Why Not?

The pre-verbal sense ‘I am’ is like a pop-up ad on the Internet. It is an advertisement, in this case, an announcement of being. Only after this pops up, can the world and its activities appear.

An object appears only because it is being perceived or conceived from a spatiotemporal point of view. The world of memory and perception and all of thinking is a point of view projection.

All existence is like a flash of lightning in darkness. There was nothing before and will be nothing after. This flash comes to mind which is the theatre in which the noumenal projection is shown. As the audience, you experience the projection.

Having no control over the projection, why not just sit back and watch?