February 28


Realization is not something that happens to you when a self engages in spiritual practices, a cause/effect, means/ends dynamic. Realization is not at the end of a sequence of self-actions. Realization is a matter of the spontaneous transcendence of that self wherein one’s true nameless, formless nature is discerned.

Said in another way, clarity does not depend on the performance of any act. It is a spontaneous revelation, emancipation from limitation via Self Recognition.

Changes happen in one’s neurology. One is then neuro-atypical and the mode of being suddenly and irrevocably lacks dualizing thought constructs.

February 26

Just Published

This TooAlthough dreamed water can
Quench dreamed thirst,
It cannot quench waking thirst.
Likewise, waking water cannot
Quench dreamed thirst.
The objects perceived in dream and
Waking state objects
Perceived in empirical life are essentially similar.
The difference is that dreamed objects are non-sensory whereas
Waking objects are sensed.
Both are real in their own sphere and are
Unreal from an absolute standpoint.

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February 25

Steady Mind

Confusion is essentially the super-imposition of the false onto the true. It is the false appearing ‘as real’ and is rooted in reality. The illusion of the snake owes its illusoriness to the reality of the rope. If the rope was absent, the snake would likewise be absent. Therefore, it’s a seeming, a momentary reality not something entirely unreal like dehydrated water.
The world is appearance, owing its seeming reality to the Reality that underlies it.
Confusion engenders the notions of separation, imperfection and limitation, is based on the mental misperception of the mind. All division is in the mind since it is the mind’s very nature to divide. The mind divides unitive Awareness into an internal perceiver that believes itself to be separate, and a perceived separate external world.
A mind freed of confusion is steady like the unflickering flame in a windless space.

February 21


Selfing is the activity of generating, sustaining, protecting, promoting, and persisting as a seeming entity. The prime directive of the selfing process is to seek to control and dominate ‘other’ in order to provide one’s self with safety and continuity. As such, individuality is rooted in conflict.
Peace and individuality are incompatible.