January 31

Using Intellect

There is neither a body nor a world containing it that is separate from the mind. The body, the world, and the entire narrative are nothing more than the sum of sensations and mentations. The undermining of the personal point of view is facilitated by the deeper penetration into what seems to be. What is ultimately revealed is that persistent entities exist only as notions in mind. The idea of a person thinking, acting and experiencing is a representation of an impersonal stream of transitory mental and physical instants.
All mind’s contents are movements away from the Self. It overvalues the inconsequential while overlooking the profound. It fixates only on the middle and knows neither the beginning nor the end.
You have empowered the mind, idolized it, and in so doing, you become an active accomplice to your confusion.
The intellect limits the limitless to the single phenomenon that is body/mind. The intellect is of no use for realization. It is like taking a lit candle to see the sun. Yet, this is the tool that virtually everyone chooses to use. This being the case, realizations are rare.

January 27

Renunciation and Satsang

There is no need to renounce the world when renouncing yourself is sufficient. The letting go of all supports reveals that which requires no support.
You need not try to be what you already are. If your religion was nothing more than being what you are, temples, mosques and idols would all be unnecessary. Those few who are talking about the possibility of a direct contact with the Universal threaten to put religion out of business by eliminating the middleman.
Therefore, I recommend only one form of meditation and that is being. Like the clock that reflects time, the body in the world reflects Being. Being, without being anything in particular, is the highest form of meditation.
Satsang means association with Being. When am I not in association with Being? There is nowhere one need to go for satsang. Satsang is NowHere.

January 25

‘Is’ into ‘Was’

Each moment is in the process of ceasing even as it arises. One’s so-called life is only a sequential presentation of appearances and subsequent disappearances, ‘is’ dissolving into ‘was’, observed by a Universal Conscious Presence.
This pattern of one’s so-called life persists by repetition and reinforcement of the self-process. The entity is only a mental convention. The entire drama of getting to ‘there’ is untrue. You’re already there.
Going beyond is only a fiction, an imagined destination. There is no beyond.
Today, we don’t see the sun. The sun is not beyond, merely beclouded. Remove the clouding. The sun is already there.
Stillness, silence is the native condition. It never leaves; you leave it.

January 22

Named Sensations

The film provides the pictures that are seen. But when the film is removed, the illuminated screen is still there. Consciousness is that which provides the illumination and also provides the mind as screen.
After one meets Oneself, the body is realized to be one of many appearances on the screen that is mind.
The Conscious Life Energy, as images and words, is mind and as mind-in-action is the body. It is the mind that claims the body as ‘mine’ and it is the Energy that claims the mind as Mine. All of it has come out of Me.
Name and form make the object. Yet, form is merely the receipt of sensation. As such, all objects are merely named sensations. All sensations are objects of the mind. Prior to named sensation is its knower. You are the Knowing of sensation.