December 30

Raw Materials

The three statements ‘I am awake’, ‘I dreamt’, ‘I slept’ are the raw material that you have to work with. They correspond to the three levels of body, mind and consciousness. It requires a regression proceeding from perceiving body through conceiving mind to knowing consciousness to reach the true source. One then comes to find that consciousness is the support of all activity, the immense ocean of awareness in which both mind and matter swim and play.
Everything prior to the world is non-local; that is to say that mind, Conscious Life Energy, Being and the Ground of Being are all non-local.
Here and now, I am. In space and time, I am.
‘I am’ is in the world; but it is also the gateway out of the world. It is the junction of the twin movements of emanation and resorption.
The ‘I’ is there even without the ‘am’. Clearly discerning this is the key.

December 26

What, Not Who

You don’t need to remember in order to be. To be what you are is to know what you are. Anything less results in only knowing about what you are.
So, I direct you to know what you are. You are conscious existence, prior to any particularization. It is this particularization that produces confusion. See that wherever there is identification with a particular, everything other than it becomes an object to it. Separation is born. Identify with consciousness rather than with its content. One then comes to realize that the source and substrate of existence is Subjectivity, that which perceives and experiences. It is then most obvious that ‘Who am I?’ is not the needed question because one isn’t a ‘who’ but rather a ‘what’.