November 30


Revelation occurs when the obstacles to it are removed. The primary obstacle is the belief in a limited self entity. The brain takes the consciousness through which everything is known and misrepresents it as an individual. The authentic-‘I’ becomes submerged beyond recognition. Belief in the reality of this entity becomes equated with survival and the very continuity of existence.
The good news in your case is that nothing need be done about the self entity beyond the recognition of it as not-me but rather as ‘it’. Then peace ensues, not peace as a state of mind but peace as an expression of being. This is the contentment of the Self with Itself.

November 27

States of Being?

We enter into, and depart from, various states. In that sense, what is often called the natural state is not really a state but Being Itself.
True presence is the absence of oneself as both a concept and a percept. How can anyone be fully present as long as  they share that space of presence with this contrivance called “me”? This constant and repetitive objectification of  what one is with what appears to it is a restriction.
What is essential, this Aware Presence, is here and now. It cannot be localized in some area of the body. It is not  something to be attained in some future nor is it outside you, to be delivered by some teacher. It requires no  awakening or enlightenment. There are those that refer to it as God; one name is as good as another.
The precursor of real or true knowing is agnosia, not knowing. It is freedom from all conclusions. Thinking is not the  creation of thought; it is the appearance of thought. As such, there is no thinker, no one who creates. There is only  that which perceives what appears.
The body is the instrument for the perceiving of objects which are the expression of consciousness. It is the  instrument through which the feeling of being is conveyed. It is the loudspeaker through which “I am” is declared.
You can watch your body. Therefore, you can’t be it. If you’re not the body, then you’re also not the brain in it. Which means that the thoughts, ideations, fears, daydreams, etc. that appear in the brain are likewise not you.
What remains is this aware presence: I am and I am aware that I am. Being.
Being is a hook onto which we place all sorts of rings, rings such as being smart, being a father, being angry. The  removal of the rings is what frees the hook.
What you are is simply the giving up of all involvement with what you are not. Reject all that is known and extend an invitation to the yet-to-be known. When all the supports are released, then you see that there is no need for support.
I encourage you to investigate this for yourself. Become your own primary object of observation and you will see: the deeper one goes the lesser one is.
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November 23

Fair Question

Often I am told that what I say makes sense but……………………….. “Why should I believe you?”

It’s a fair question.

Look at it realistically. Most of what you believe and act upon is merely hearsay that you have accepted as fact. Why not treat my hearsay as fact? Or verify it for yourself. The outcome will be the same.

When you see the world you only see a fraction because all you see is your own conditioning and the limitations imposed by your senses. For example, you only see a partial spectrum of color and you hear only a partial bandwidth of sound.

The world of the bat, the world of the bloodhound, and your world are unique to each, a representation created by their respective sensing systems. The key word here that must be emphasized is representation. Come to understand this: your world is private, known only to you. You have become so mesmerized with it, that you have incarcerated yourself.

Now, to directly answer your question, if you understand that you are imprisoned and that my sole interest is to free you, then it would behoove you to follow the instructions I provide for your escape.

That’s why.

November 20

Ego’s Seductive Power

The only seductive power the ego can have is the power we assign it.

Ego first appears at around 18-24 months of age. It’s a process latent in the design software.
It operates in tandem with Darwin’s survival of the fittest. There’s no regard for the planet because the quality of the future is unimportant. Only getting to the future, survival, matters. The organism therefore seeks to gain an advantage, me over other; tribally, us over them.

But the ego is only a collection of processes. Discerning this, a movement away from identification with these processes begins just as you don’t identify with digestion. What you refer to as “true nature” is then no longer obscured.

Don’t give any credence to the idea of an evolution in consciousness. Consciousness is not a possession of mine or yours requiring evolution. It is the Ground of Being, transcending evolution. The notion of an evolution in consciousness keeps us believing in becoming, preoccupied with what we could be instead of focused on what we already innately are.