October 28


Neither thinking nor imagination can never touch what is inherently empty and clear.
To accept or reject what I’m saying is to determine if my words fit your reference point. Until the reference point goes, until you relinquish all your certainties, nothing can be truly received. In other words, to receive what I’m offering, you must release what your mind is presently holding.
Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree, resolved not to move. After all he had done, he realized that nothing could help him. He was helpless and in clearly seeing his helplessness, he was ready.
When a person is not ready, all teachers are impotent. With unreadiness removed, one blooms naturally, like a flower.

October 25

Death, Yet Again

Finite bodies have an end, but that which uses the body, is infinite, eternal, indestructible. Birth is an appearance out of something prior in which it is latent but unmanifest. Death is the return. That the body will die is as natural as the burning out of a fire.
Yet, there is a general fear of death because the nature of death is misunderstood.
If death is accepted as longer in duration than life, then life is severely degraded. If death is something that constantly hangs over your head, then the true sweetness of life can never be fully tasted.
However, life never dies and an examination of life after death confirms this. What is death other than the guest has checked out of the hotel? Is checking out the end of the guest?
Understanding this is the death of the fear of death.

October 21

Not Anywhere Else

Because you are distracted, preoccupied, and ego-possessed, you do not notice the situation you are really in. You’re on Death Row, in a cell of your own creation, trying to make it comfortable. You have no sense of urgency, wrongly assuming that you have time.
Disillusionment with this condition heralds the dawning of clarity. As the dawn becomes high noon, the cell door opens and one emerges into sunlight.
Despite you assumptions to the contrary, this clarity is not somewhere else; nor is it sometime else. It is here, it is now, it is what is Always Already.
Stop searching for some monochrome zebra.

October 18


The natural pose is wakeful contentlessness. Whereas objects are present by being attended to, the subject is present solely by attending. Once stabilized, this natural pose is a permanent way of seeing and knowing.
Holding the pre-verbal sense of being, I am, is a Self-revealing process. Don’t search for consciousness. You can’t effectively search for consciousness because consciousness is the medium through which the search is performed.
Instead, experience is a key. Not a particular experience, but experience itself. Set all aside and focus on the direct experience of being, of knowing. Pay close attention to what it is that gives experience and who it is that gets experience.