August 31

Being Conscious Presence Experiencing

Why don’t you talk more about non duality?

You may talk about non duality all you like. However, duality is all that you’re conscious of. Consciousness is the medium through which duality is presented.
What is, can cease to be. What isn’t, can become. However, what can be said about that which is neither?
I’m doing my best to provide you with words where no words apply.
I have no requirement that you agree with me. Mine is not an opinion and, as such, agreement and disagreement also don’t apply.
As I’ve adjusted to living with limitations, That which is without limitations has made Itself quite apparent to me.
What I have come to know is known directly, no proofs whatsoever were ever required.
I am that by which I know I am. I am the Functioning. I am that which knows the Functioning and I am that which experiences It. I am all.
What can I fear?
In every experience something is present which is not an experience. The Subjective is experience. It begins with the experience of being and then moves on to experiencing sensations. This Subjective is what every object comes to.
It’s become obvious that perceiving is a passive encounter with phenomena whereas experiencing is an active encounter, a participation. ‘I’ is the Absolute, Noumenon. ‘I am’ is Being Conscious Presence, Witnessing, and ‘I as’ is involvement, Being Conscious Presence experiencing.
Everything that arises, that is apparent, is a transparent modification of yourSelf. At Its discretion, It entertains subject-object relationships. In this manner, everything is felt, observed, perceived, cognized, experienced, and known.
In order to see this clearly, there are two approaches. One is ‘I am not the body’ and the other is ‘I am not ONLY the body’.

August 27


Religions are created by the urge to follow. Religion focuses on what can be believed; science on what can be proven. All I talk about is what requires no proof, what is self evident and obvious.
Normally I only entertain a few questions. Most questions are meant to only satisfy the questioner’s curiosity. They aren’t different from your asking ‘If I delete 10 photos from my iPhone, does it weigh less?’.
Rather than answering your questions, I have found it to be far more productive to be questioning your answers.
Where do things which are no longer go?
They return to where they came from. Every changful thing resolves itself back into its source.
What are you when you are not experiencing?
Will you ever know that you have died?
You are the proxy for the Conscious Life Energy which, in turn, is the proxy for the Absolute. Your purpose is singular: to experience the infinite plasticity of Being. The body is the physical constituent and the mind is the nonphysical constituent. Working in tandem, they are the tools for experience.
Yet, you don’t see this because you have set yourself up to fail.
You are unable to come to grips with the fact the your body is something that happens to you. To whom does it happen? Does your body happen to your body? Of course not. You are a person only as long as you are self conscious. When the self consciousness goes, what are you?
The Unlimited is not available to a limited individual. Until you give deep consideration to the possibility that you are without limit, you remain on the treadmill of the personal.

August 23

Untouchable and Unapproachable

There is no self-existing spatiotemporal matrix in which physical events occur independent of the Conscious Life Energy. Space and time are the media in which events present themselves.
An external world is dependent on consciousness whereas consciousness isn’t dependent on a world. So, consciousness must be antecedent.
The Conscious Life Energy is delivered to the host ovum at the time of fertilization. It takes a host to use the host’s sentience in order to perceive and experience the objective manifestation.
That’s how it’s set up.

I understand the reason why this body is here and I am trying to share that understanding with you.
You are the screen on which the pseudo-subject and its objects are projected.
All phenomena come to you while you are nothing phenomenal. In the same way that the LCD is not affected whether Saw II or The Lion King appears on it, what comes to you cannot touch you. No sensory experience can touch you. No finely crafted phrase can even approach what you are.

Q: How can I acquire this Self realization?
Self-realization is not something acquired. The Self is realized through consciousness, which is prior to the mind. It is like a more refined understanding. For someone whose attention remains fixed on Conscious Being, this understanding comes effortlessly. They are freed from the tyranny of the personal. However, for others, I have to say it repeatedly in various ways.
You are the stage on which all experiences take place. Consciousness is something that happens to you. Though totally immersed in daily activity, while things go on in a normal way, you are not affected because there will no longer be any identification with somatic states.


August 19

Life Never Dies #4

Realization is for its own sake. It is not for gaining.
Gaining is personal whereas realization is impersonal.
It is the awareness of no limits, of existence without identity.
Trying to get realization reaffirms the belief in a current state of non-realization. This is why an attitudinal makeover is called for.
You take life far too seriously. This generally consists of two attitudes:

  1. The first one is assigning importance to things that have none, and
  2. The second is to want life to fit into a certain number of Qualities that you deem acceptable.

Trust these words; they cannot harm you.
You are presently like dirty water. You can’t be made ‘more dirty’.
There can be no error. Error is only that which goes against what you believe ought to be.
Any aphorism, regardless of how profound, is like an arrow shot at reality. It can hit the target, But it never covers the whole target.
The teacher teaches the child that one plus one equals two. The child puts the teaching into practice.
The challenge before any spiritual teacher is to translate the ineffable into the comprehensible. To the degree that the teacher succeeds, the recipient must put what has been understood into practice.

(excerpted from Life Never Dies, just published in paperback with digital formats soon to follow)