July 31

Your Fundamental Conflict

The fundamental conflict is between the drive to identify and the fact that you are essentially formless. How can you identify with that which has no form?
In truth, you are without identity; there is no object you can point to and say ‘This is me’. The mind, the body, and the world are all phenomena that come to you. You greet them as Being Conscious Presence in which the qualities Knowing and Experiencing work. The realization of Being Consciousness brings with it contentment. The Hindus refer to this as satchitananda.
Heaven is ‘no other’. When there is no other, there is no fear. There is only unwavering peace and contentment. Being Conscious Presence is the Great Enjoyment.

July 27

The Answer to ‘Who Am I?’

The body is a psycho-material event. It only knows itself via its sensing and the interpretations via the mind. There subsequently arises the presumption of a concretely independent and separate self. It is the act in which the world is conceived and its center is established.
The self center is the mechanism that blocks the understanding that everything exists as a modification of the One. As it takes root, it’s ability to obscure increases. Any imposition of limitation on yourself closes the doorway to the Unlimited.
Esoteric science, the thorough examination of the sense of being, ‘I am’, serves as the doorstop.
When the answer to ‘Who am I?’ is ‘I am nothing in particular’, the doorway then remains open.
Clearly seeing beyond the self is accomplished when self is no longer grasped, when imagination and identification with the imagined end. It is like the apple that falls from the tree when it is no longer restrained.
However, restraint continues in you because you are afraid of being impersonal, of Impersonal Being.

July 23

Witnessing and Experiencing

Noumenon, the primordial Source of all existence, the Absolute, is the infinite field of all possibilities. I-am is Being Conscious Presence, Witnessing awaiting phenomena. Being Conscious Presence embodied is Experiencing awaiting phenomena.
The sentient being is the medium through which Consciousness is ‘conscious of’ an object.
This micro soma is the tool used to perceive and experience the macro soma or world. Witnessing or observing this manifestation is insufficient for experiencing it. To experience wet, you need to immerse yourself in water. Likewise, to experience life, you must immerse yourself in it.
Direct your attention solely towards the medium by which you know ‘I am,’ and by which you experience the world.
You will then discern that ‘All this is I’.
Talking School Advaitins will tell you that you can dialogue your way to understanding. However, in the final analysis, you must confirm what you are told with your own experience. Absent this, the best you have is an intellectual understanding.

July 20

Receding into Being

For some, it starts like this: they come to recognize that an impermanent world cannot provide anything permanent, permanent happiness, permanent peace.
So there begins an inner shift of attention. As it matures, the world moves back and the real comes to the forefront. In these few, there is a receding from the experience of particularized being into Being itself. But make no mistake; the activities of their body and mind will continue, but they are uninvolved, merely their witness.

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