June 30


Thought is functional, in support of the organism, but nothing more. Thought about a supposed ‘me’, is part of ‘me’.
When the ‘me’ is gone, it takes with it the sense of doing something and the idea of something to be attained.
Ideas of gain or improvement are all personal. In the absence of the person, who is there to gain anything? The seeming person is really only software. Software doesn’t upgrade itself. Only the programmer can do that.

June 27

Dumping Trash

When someone has been dumping their trash in your flower garden, you don’t respond by trying to develop fragrance. Fragrance is already there; only the trash must be removed. What you are seeking is already there. Only the trash needs to be removed. Its removal happens easily and naturally once it is seen through.
This is not the promise of some samadhi, trance or ecstasy. It’s much simpler; it’s the way of contented being, where wants have ended and nothing is wrong.

June 23


You can only experience Paris by being in Paris. The world is experienced via an instrument in the world, the body. It connects the visible with the invisible, the experienced with that which experiences.
There is experience of the body and experience via the body. You must look into what is it that has these experiences?
What is the difference between a corpse and a living man? Is it anything other than the presence of the Conscious Life Energy?

June 20

A Prerequisite

For beingness to appear or be made manifest, a form is a prerequisite. What is your entire life other than the experience of particularized being? Consciousness facilitates this knowledge of being. In its absence, nothing is known. Therefore, clarify the distinction between a human being and being human.
Everything you experience, or can experience, is a temporary projection. Everything that comes, goes away. Yet you remain. You are all that exists. You are independent of your body. That’s why it’s referred to as ‘yours’. Both the body and the mind happen to you.