May 31

Two Approaches to the Same Door


‘My’ and ‘mine’ is a huge part of the discomfort. When there is an overdrawn bank account, it is troublesome when it is ‘mine’ and not troublesome when it’s not ‘mine’. In the absence of ‘mine’ what is there to worry about?
If ‘mine’ is defined as what cannot be taken from you, what can truly be called ‘mine’? This is the manner in which I realized that nothing is mine.
Only an imaginary ‘me’ stands in the way such lucidity.
I-amness is prior to this individuality, I-am-this. In it, every action is mine, every object is me.
I-am equals I-am-all. There is no ‘mine’; all is Mine.
Body-consciousness is a flagrant denial of Self-consciousness.
What you take yourself to be is the image you have created about yourself. Ask another person and the image they have created of you may be quite different.
If you doubt that this Presence is present, check it out. Just for a single instant, remove all the sensations, all the mental activity. Then, what is revealed?
If you want to change the movie, you don’t attack the TV. You just change the channel. As long as you remained fixated on the ‘my body/mind’ channel, how can you expect anything to change?
Discern that the specific content of the mental stream is itself a distraction. Better to look at what is watching and observing the stream, what is unaffected by whatever may appear. This light is unconcerned with the scenery it illuminates.
The underlying thought which comes to mind that frames everything else is Í am this’. If that is accepted, then all the ‘my’ and ‘mine’ attachments ensue. However, if that is not entertained, then nothing is yours and you are free.
However, this cannot be discerned as long as you are embracing the Í am this’ notion.


Consciousness is a material process. It gives form to the unformed.
The world and your consciousness are not separate. They make up the duality of the known and the knower. In unity, these resolve into Knowing.
The objective void reveals the subjective fullness.
Nirvana means extinguishment. Extinguishment of what? Extinguishment of the fire of self-centricity.
What is identification? Identification is ‘my’ and ‘mine’. Everything takes on greater value when ‘mine’ is attached to it.
Unidentified, do you exist? What are you?
You are and you know that you are. You are the field of Being Conscious Presence now embodied.
You are the locus of happiness and peace. It is only when the attention is directed toward phenomena that there is disturbance.
Just as electricity flowing through a particular instrument will produce effects specific to that instrument, so too the Energy flowing through Its instrument produces effects that are specific to the nature of that instrument.
What does this have to do with what you are?
Presently, you are living from an altered state of consciousness. I’m not suggesting that this altered state is a higher state. Not all altered states are higher. Your altered state is characterized by confusion, by accepting the seeming to be real. It manifests as wanting to become other-than-this.

May 27

Q&A May 2015

What is meant by not-knowing?

Not-knowing is of two modes. The not-knowing of deep sleep is temporal, a state. Is deep sleep the absence of content or only a suspension of memory? We don’t know, hence the name.

The other mode of not-knowing is not a state. It is intemporal, prior to memory, prior to consciousness. It knows nothing yet it makes all things possible. It has many names; for now, the Absolute will suffice.

It has been suggested that I take my stand as The Witness? Are you saying the same thing in different words?

What is prior to intellect is inaccessible to intellect. Yet, this is the tool most choose to utilize. Little wonder that they don’t ‘get it’.

So don’t talk about yourself as The Witness. You can’t take credit for witnessing anything. Anything that can be witnessed cannot be The Witness. Witnessing spontaneously happens via the authentic-I whose home is in a plane beyond the mind.

Hi Roy, thank you so much for your writings and teachings; they have changed this life.

The last year seems to have been a confrontation of all the lies this mind has been telling itself for years…leading up the the ultimate lie…this mind’s belief in “God’. “I” have considered this self to be devout and spiritual but there is the sober recognition that I have been praying to and worshiping an illusional parental figure in the sky who is at times gracious and loving, and at other times cruel and withholding. Hah!!! what bullshit.

So “I” have decided to worship That (the energy) which beats this heart, sings the birds, flows the rivers, spins the earth, shines the sun and thinks these thoughts. And have 100% complete trust in It no matter what; what you call the Conscious Life Energy. This is the only thing that makes sense anymore, all else is seen as a projection and seems like a fairy tale based on wishful thinking and the neediness of a scared little boy. Also, all I can be sure of, is that I exist, and that there is something that is aware of this existence, beyond that I can be sure of absolutely nothing.

So in this process a lot of terror has come up as there is no longer anything to hold onto to make “me” feel safe or comfortable; nothing works anymore. The jig is up. All I can trust in is the experience of this exact moment. What has arisen in this process is what can best be described as a neutrality towards life, a lack of desire, and a lack of interest at times in just about everything. I sit for long hours just listening to the birds or watching the wind blow through the trees. At times there is the fear of completely disconnecting and fading away.

You write that individuality is the price that one has to pay for realization and that few are willing to pay it. Intellectually I am willing to pay it…but experientially fear and terror come up. In these moments all that can be done is to hold to the moment, be vigilant, and reject the chattering of the mind and the insane story that is being told. I have read in the experience of others who say that the Love of God ultimately replaces the small self, but honestly I am not feeling a lot of love or anything else really these days. There is a fear that i may be on the wrong track, misguided etc…….Any advice would be appreciated.

The fear and terror that you are experiencing is the kicking and screaming of that seeming self. There is nothing that I could say to make it go away. Just treat it as you have been treating everything else. That is to say, see right through it and acknowledge it for what it is.

You can’t be on the wrong track because this is the only track that leads to that which is beyond all tracks.

Are ego-self and the person the same thing?

No, they’re not. Ego is that set of brain processes that results in the creation of a self-referential structure. It’s sole purpose is to perpetuate and reinforce the sense of ‘I am this’.

The person is the human body, the name that refers to it, its behaviors, the thoughts that come to it and its narrative that is derived from memory.

In that sense, for example, Ramana didn’t have an ego yet Ramana was a person.

When all of the religious overtones are removed from the concept of God, what remains is God’s Essence: Conscious Life Energy. Each person is Its instrument.

Does no-mind mean oblivion?

The brain is the instrument by which we think we think.

No-mind doesn’t mean you have no mind to use; it means that the mind can’t use you. When the functioning of the organism requires mind, mind is there.

The mind stops when the energy provided by interest is removed.

Even this cannot be discerned via the mind. That would be like using a flashlight to see the moon.

May 20

New Wu Hsin Book

Below is an excerpt from Instructions to Xu Fengqin, the latest in the Wu Hsin series:

Wu Hsin opens the door;
You must step inside and examine the terrain.

Here, one sets all distractions aside.
Close the eyes and then cover them with cloth.
The removal of the visual removes much of the distraction.

When one’s view is that whatever has arisen
Has a role to play,
One need not discriminate and is able to enjoy.
In this context, Wu Hsin has only two requirements.
First, it is important that one acknowledge
The difficulty of seeing beyond
One’s ordinary, taken-for-granted perspective and second,
One makes a firm commitment to do so.

Now, understand that
The background assumption of every moment is that
There is something, somewhere, better than
This, here, now.

As such, one becomes deeply habituated to
The unconscious process of constantly
Dislocating from this, here, now.

The most powerful tool at your disposal is doubt.
Doubt every closely held belief, every ontological certitude,
Also doubt Wu Hsin.

Wu Hsin assures you that
No bodily experience can irrevocably
Free you from bodily experience.
Likewise, attention to the mind cannot
Liberate attention from mind itself.

Understand appearance; it is supported by the Real
But it is not real.
It is a seeming reality.
Taking the seeming for the real results in confusion.

Wu Hsin says you are confused because
You have assigned subjectivity to an object.
To you, there is a personal consciousness and
There is everything else that
This consciousness is conscious of.
It should be obvious that everything.

The paperback is presently available on Amazon and we anticipate that e-versions will be available by the end of June.

May 18


There are times when presenting concepts in a new framework, helps to clarify them.  To that end, in computer parlance:

1. enlightenment is the defrag of the hard drive and the upgrade the motherboard. What had impeded smooth, efficient operation of the machine has been removed and the dominance of the right-brain prefrontal cortex is re-established.
2. mind is the content provider
3. the words and images that appear come to the mind via a unique IP address that is presented to the brain which is functioning as router.
4. when your computer emerges from Sleep Mode, the native programs boot up. Likewise, when you emerge from sleep, many programs boot up, primary of which is the micro-manager, self. It could be said to be the central processing and planning center that orchestrates, sorts, stores, and retrieves.

We can therefore say that the self is real in the same way as Windows is real.