April 29

The Wall

The self is a collection of non verbal processing systems functioning independently in the brain. Inner speech, self talk, is essentially thinking in language. It is a ‘verbalization’ of these systems and occupies about one quarter of conscious experience. This self plus a body and its behaviors constitutes a person.
Any material object, such as a wall, obstructs us from seeing what is beyond it. Taken as a whole, the sum of material objects, the world, obstructs the view of what is beyond. Self consciousness is a portable wall. You take it with you wherever you go and it is always there to separate you from the totality of being.
If there is only one thing that you take away from our time together, get totally clear about this: there is a clear cut inverse relationship between Self awareness and outer-directed awareness.

April 26

Treadmill of Hope

All of your techniques, systems and methods create the hope that at some time in the future, something presently absent will be obtained. It is the hope that your realization can be caused. ‘One day, by doing more and more of this, I will succeed’.
You’re waiting for something to happen tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes and nothing happens, there’s still tomorrow.
This is the treadmill of hope from which you must disengage. Don’t make enlightenment your goal. Choose something easier, like being what you already are.

April 24

What is It?

I am only trying to help you be certain of what you are, where you are, and how you are.
But, the combination of a lack of attention and an excess of imagination is your undoing.
Admittedly, somatic identification is so mesmerizing that it is very difficult to break through. You forget that each night you return to that from which you were born, before you assumed a form.
One puts on headphones to experience the music. The headphones are sense-of-sound specific. In the same way, one ‘puts on’ a body to experience the world. The body is sense-of-world specific.
Now, look deeply into what this one is that ‘puts on’?
Others spend a great deal of time explaining the various states of consciousness.
My approach is to bypass preoccupation with understanding states of consciousness and move directly into what experiences each state. What is it that experiences?
What is it that is unchanging while the states are changing, while the mind is changing?

April 22

Killing Self Consciousness

That which knows is formless. It is simply the Knowing.
Yet you assume that you exist as a form, and perceive everything in relation to that form. This confusion arises because the body is the medium through which you perceive everything……. everything but yourself, that is.
There are times when an actor so immerses himself in his role, that he is seemingly indistinguishable from it. It is much the same for the Ground of Being via Consciousness, so immersed in the role of a person that It is seemingly lost.
However, just as the actor and the role are not the same, ‘I’ and ‘I as’ are not the same.
At the end when the character dies, how is the actor affected?
Being Conscious Presence is the aperture through which existence is made known.
Consciousness hears through the ears and sees through the eyes. Experience is always exclusive to the instrument of experience. You cannot have my dream. Only the experience of being, I am, is shared by all.
The identification with the body is like a patient in Intensive Care. Both require constant monitoring. We don’t want to lose the patient and we don’t want to lose ourselves.
The body’s sole interests are survival and procreation. Spiritual experiences are of neither value nor interest to it.
The seeming self, the separative structure, contains the survival mechanisms, somatic sensations, thoughts, feelings and instincts in service to the organism. For the self to vanish requires the dissolution of all these, an extensive revision of brain function itself. Who can do this?
In the morning, you wake up; you don’t make an effort to wake up. The self-starting, self-perpetuating mechanism then kicks in; you make no effort to hit the ‘On’ button.
Realization is only a finer ‘waking up’, likewise requiring no effort on your part.
Anything you do to free yourself from anything is a movement away from the clarity and freedom that is already there.
When you discern that what you have taken to be a snake is nothing but a tree’s root, the notion that the snake must be killed vanishes. Give a child a plastic spider and it is afraid of it. Once the child knows it’s only plastic, it becomes a toy.
There is no need for killing self consciousness. Recognize it for what it is and what it isn’t.