March 31

More on the Spatiotemporal Field

The spatiotemporal field is the stage on which the drama of duality plays itself out.

The body/mind in the world is the final step in the process of emanation or projection. The one who understands that he is prior to any body is free from self-inflicted suffering and dissatisfaction.

Having a body is an imagined state. To dream is to create a mental world. To awaken from dreaming is to create a mental and physical world. To truly awaken is to see through both.

In a general sense, all practices ultimately must resolve into not losing sight of Mystery Space, the container of all things internal and external playing out from nonlocal awareness. Only this facilitates Unity with Me.

Where there is no involvement with the observed, personal narratives cannot be constructed. When this position is embraced, peace must ensue.

March 27


Authentic-I exists changelessly, pervading through, yet beyond, all states. All perceptions, all conceptions are consciousness-dependent. All appearances are spatiotemporally-dependent. Your pure essence is what is antecedent to these.

Consciousness is the agent of sentiency and the body, Its instrument. All the actions will go on whether you agree to participate in them or not because they are not yours.

For every perception, thought or feeling, ‘I’ requires an instrument particularly suited to each activity. You are the particular instrument through which they happen.

What precisely is your situation in this moment? Regardless of all the storylines you may have created, you are the Witnessing of each phenomenon, each event, that contributed to the storyline.

The senses perceive and the intellect describes what you perceive. You are under no obligation to identify with any of it.

When the ‘I’ is no longer complicated, unencumbered by ‘me’ and ‘mine’, your defining yourself by your limitations, by this body, this mind, etc. all comes to an end.

All ideas of ‘me and mine’ don’t allow you to know your Self.

Just for one moment, set aside all that is considered yours. Now what can you say about yourself? All that you can say is ‘I exist’ or ‘I am’ or ‘there is existence’. These are like street signs. They situate you and center you. Recognize That by which you know this.


March 24

Be Wary

Be wary of those wrapping themselves in what Buddha allegedly said, in what Jesus allegedly said. With what degree of accuracy can another’s words be remembered and written down fifty to one hundred years after the fact?

Be wary of the scholars of the Self. They know much about It, but have never known It.

Be wary of self-perpetuating mechanisms disguised as spiritual practices. You can’t bring about atrophy by making something stronger.

Be wary of ‘no-mind’. It is not enlightenment. No mind is trance. The screen is illuminated but there’s no content on it. Beyond trance lies enlightenment where everything is known directly and no proofs are required.

Be wary of ‘all there is is Consciousness’. It is an incomplete point of view and can lead to erroneous conclusions. It is more accurate to say ‘All there is is Consciousness and antecedent to all there is is all that can be, Noumenon or the Absolute or Ground.’

Be wary of those waving ‘the carrot’ of liberation. Verify that you are bound. Once it is discerned that the underlying premise is false, liberation is moot.

March 21

Roy Asks the Questions

What will you experience other than Self when there is nothing else other than this Self?

The true self can only be that Self which is All in All. Any other self is a deception, an imposter. Come to recognize the seeming self as an imposter, an object posing as a subject, an instrument posing as a doer.

When I say that the world is a dream, it’s within the context of believing that the imposter is real.

You must see that your fundamental neurosis is wanting to become something other than what you are.

‘Be here now’ is a nice phraseology, but it puts off the necessary investigation into ‘Who is being, where is here and when is now?’

Whatever identity you have created for yourself must be left behind. All particularization must come to an end. At that end, you can’t take you with you.

You know that you are. When you don’t particularized this sense of being, where is the trouble? It is only because you have imagined yourself as a separate being.

These bodies are constantly replacing new cells for old. This creates an ontological problem for you because the vast majority of your body is younger than ‘you’ are. When are you going to come to grips with that?

You have a headache and you have come all the way to Thailand for something stronger than aspirin.

You have a list of unanswered questions. But each has as its common denominator your erroneous self definition. You ask questions and receive answers, and then continue doing what you had been doing. How can reasonably expect any positive movement?

You are asking for directions. But who can provide directions to That which is everywhere? It isn’t possible for me to accommodate you.

What can be the value of any experience if one remains unclear regarding the experiencer. You assume that consciousness is in you when, in fact, you are in Consciousness.

The assumption of selfhood is a poor substitute for inquiring. Investigate who is living your life. If you’re not sure of the answer, then how can you assume such life is ‘yours’?