February 28

Another Definition of Awakening

Awakening is the direct intuition of that which is always already, the Recognition of the unity underlying everything apparently subjective and everything apparently objective.
It has its stand outside of the cause/effect dynamic. To those who see this world as Self-Experience, it is a natural joy. Ananda or bliss is the outcome. It is not some immobilizing ecstasy; it is far more subtle. It is the delight of Conscious Being, of being conscious and the experiences therefrom derived.
Nothing, no method, technique or practice can be pointed to and argued to be its cause. Once one accepts this, all effort toward an outcome of awakening ends.

February 24

How Far?

‘Reality’ cannot be expressed; it can only be known intuitively by getting rid of unreality, the contradictory ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing. In the same sense, enlightenment is unattainable, not because it doesn’t happen but because there is no way of seeking what is ultimately not an attainment. Give it up!

A funny thing happens once you declare ‘I give up’. You find yourself in an unfamiliar state of mind. Suddenly, you’re just watching. Not getting anything, not trying, neither hoping nor expecting anything. No agenda, no partiality. Just uninvolved watching.

How far from enlightenment is that?

February 20

The Problem

Understanding is not the goal; the cessation of misunderstanding is the goal.

Confusion in operation appears as pursuing freedom for the ego rather than freedom from the ego.

Identification perpetuates confusion. You can only identify with what you aren’t; you can’t identify with what you are because that would require two. Being what you are is the only other option.

Due to their dispositions, some may have to, for a time, leave the world to come to intuit that the world is not the problem. The world as ‘other’ is the problem.

February 15

Spiritual Consistency

For a car to reach its destination, it is not enough to have a driver. It is also necessary that the driver direct the car consistently toward the destination. All too often, you as driver, are driving in the opposite direction.

Two hours of meditation does not offset two hours on Facebook.