January 30

This Opportunity

Your hunger has drawn you from hundreds and thousands of miles to be with me for a limited time. Although I sent word that you should not ask me any questions I know that some of you are just waiting for the opportunity to ask some. It is the nature of the mind to go on asking and it is unceasing. But for now, just listen.
I have come to understand that I am possessed. I am a possession of the Conscious Life Energy and It uses me as It sees fit. In this moment, it moves me to speak with you.
I speak about what I have come to realize. Buddha said, ‘Put no head above your own’. Whether or not I am enlightened is therefore beside the point. Either, my words are true or they are not. If they become mired in the intellect, their efficacy will be lost. You must listen then, reflect on the listened and then contemplate the reflection.
The accomplishments of those remarkable and rare ones were brought about by doing something remarkable and rare, something different from what the masses do. Every moment presents you with an opportunity. Either you seize it or you lose it.
Truth is simple, but confusion makes it seem complex.
Maybe you have come here seeking an evolution in your consciousness. I have some bad news for you. There is no evolution of consciousness. Consciousness has no need to evolve. Views about consciousness evolve.
Every search for an entity, a doer, a knower, a thinker, or an owner, is bound to fail. You can either take me at my word or engage in these searches yourself.

January 26

The Matrix

Humans experience a ‘real me’ that resides in ‘my’ body and is the subject or ‘I’ that thinks and experiences. This is self-consciousness, the feeling that conscious experiences are inextricably tied to the self. In this fashion, experiences happen for someone taken to be the self, in an immediate way. They are taken to be as ‘my’ experiences and seem to be present whenever and wherever ‘I am’.
All this reflects the conscious experience of self-identification, self-location, and first-person perspective. It is the foundation of the brain’s dualistic representational matrix comprised of I-me-mine/other than I-me-mine.
The combination of the Consciousness Life Energy and a body produces sentience. The body itself is actually not experienced, only the sensations of the body are experienced. This makes body awareness a composite sensation by which the brain in the body records input and creates the body image.
Through imagination, we have enclosed ourselves in a personal cloud filled with desires and fears, images and thoughts, ideas and concepts.
To know reality, you must be free of all involvement with your imagination. Otherwise, there is the pollution of reality which is confusion.
To have one eye fixed on the enchantments of the world and with the other expect to find the Self is not only impossible but the height of hypocrisy.
To undo the dominance of mental content, it is necessary to remove the belief that thoughts are valuable. To move outside the cloud, attention must be rerouted away from phenomena and toward the substrate out of which thoughts arises.

January 22


Why does God allow so much evil in the world?
God transcends good and evil, right and wrong. If God is to be identified only with the good, this is a child’s concept of God.

It isn’t that there is so much evil. There is the interaction of what you deem to be evil with what you deem to be good. The result is equilibrium and harmony.

When you see this, then you can understand the contributions of evil to the good of the world.

January 18

My Way

I have no prescriptions. All paths, methods and programs are myths to which egos cling in order to create the delusion that one is working on attaining realization.
If evolution is a process in which you have no active role, why should involution be any different?
The sad fact is that there is no form of psychosomatic practice that is enough, in and of itself, to produce as its outcome any degree of lasting awakening. One may, of course, experience extraordinary conditional states, but they too are temporal.
In that sense, a non-local factor is required, something that pushes the mind/body/self beyond its limits. That factor can be said to be the Inherent Attractive Power of the Self Itself that awakens an organism of Its choice producing the natural, spontaneous feeling of identity with It.
All question about what needs to be done are from the perspective of the body as doer. There are no soma-based practices that can take one beyond body identification just as there are no mental methods to end the illusion of ‘my mind’.
There may be some who may argue that preparation is required, preliminaries if you will. I would respond that nothing is cast in stone and that awakening is not based on prior conditions. To whatever extent preparations are required, I am confident that the organism will be moved to make them. Don’t presume that you are someone who can act. The software can only be modified by the Programmer.
Can you just observe yourself in the same manner that an anthropologist studies its subject? Can you be sufficiently centered so that you can get out of your own way?
Just remember that whatever you perceive is not you. Your home stands outside the field of consciousness.
If you insist on there being something you must do, I would reply that whatever brings you nearer and suits you best, is best for you, provided you are able to apply it with total commitment.
If your style is to only go halfway, you’re bound to fail.
When you go only halfway, then you still have halfway to go. So, you go halfway again yet you still have halfway to go. It never ends. When you give fifty per cent, you get fifty percent.
This is why your commitment must be total.