December 31


Narcissus didn’t know that the face in the water was his own image. Likewise, you don’t know that the world is your own image. The objects perceived are the expression of the subject. Preoccupied with objects, the underlying subject is forgotten, sacrificed on the altar of inattention.
One is self conscious when one is always conscious of one’s self. One is Self conscious when one is always conscious of oneSelf. The latter is not a state, in that it doesn’t come and go. Once established, it is eternal.
Self consciousness is the by-product of the intellect. It is a bottomless cup. It can never be filled, never fulfilled.
The intellect is a concept generating machine. However, its current dominance in you is an intermediary stage. It is the transition between a dominant instinct and intuitive dominance.
When intellect fails, only intuition can work. Intuition is eyeless sight, Knowing without knowing ‘how’. It negates belief and illuminates the actual.
One must become fully empty, having created an unoccupied space. When you are unoccupied, your attention is free and open to any thing that presents itself. When you arepreoccupied, you are like a closed door; nothing new gets in.
Free attention maintains a distance between itself and all self-centric processes. It observes them yet never identifies with them.
In an absolute sense, one can say that ‘nothing ever happened’. This relates to the underlying unity.
But in the relative sense, ‘everything has already happened’. It is revealed to us, in duality, as we move along on the conveyor belt of time.
All experiencing is impersonal. It is only when a conceptual ‘experiencer’ is introduced that the experience becomes ‘my experience’. Experience is in a duality emerging from afundamental unity. In every moment, I am Experiencing; I experience Roy as an objective phenomenon.
Recognize the usurpation of the leadership role of free attention by the self, which now directs where the attention goes. Of course, the attention goes where the self wants it to go. Thus it is literally and figuratively self-serving.

December 27

True Meditation

The ability to concentrate on a single thought is inferior to the inability to hold on to any thought. Always seeking to develop abilities, one overlooks the value of this inability.
Meditation is not the use of the mind in any pursuit, regardless of how lofty it may be. Meditation is the freeing of attention, the detaching of attention from the phenomena it had fixed upon. It is a cessation of grasping, even of grasping awakening. Free attention simply observes without commentary or evaluation.
This freed attention takes in everything like a video camera impartially takes in everything. Fixated attention is like the camera’s ‘zoom’ function.
Usually, attention is mostly selective based on presumed value assigned by the intellect.
See how much more interest there is in what is ‘mine’ than there is in any thing ‘not mine’.

December 23


My message can be a frightening one.
Whatever you take yourself to be is self-created and is discontinuous. It comes and it goes and one day it will end. The consideration of the end of yourself evokes a psychological, existential terror that the self will use any means necessary to quell.
Take the time to find out what it is that you are trying so hard to protect and preserve. How long can it continue?
You must come to fully understand that only the body dies. Like a used up toaster, the appliance no longer functions.
The energy that powered it is unaffected. Where can it go? Where can the space in the glass go after the glass is broken?
You are that Energy!

December 18

Science and Self

Science is the study of things that can be measured. What cannot be measured can’t be examined by science. Science may try to study the immeasurable but trying and succeeding are two different things.
Now means the absence of duration. Whatever happens, happens now. Whatever happened happened now and whatever will happen will happen now. It cannot be measured; it is fixed and unchanging.
Here is where whatever happens happens. Whatever is to happen is here. Wherever one looks, ‘here’ is always there. It cannot be measured; it is fixed and unchanging.
Therefore, NowHere is the underlying foundation and support for all that appears and moves in a stream. It is the locus of all activity and where the absence of all activity can be observed.
Unmoving, phenomena must move through it. We, as objective phenomena, move through it.