November 30

Recent Q&A

You say that I am already enlightened. Why can’t I see this?
Nothing stands in the way of your recognition except for your being more interested in other things.
It seems to me that there is a growing list of enlightened teachers. Why is this happening now?
Knowing about enlightenment doesn’t make one enlightened just as knowing about Italy doesn’t make one Italian.
Do you believe in God?
I don’t believe in the Judeo-Christian God. I don’t believe in any God to which the term God-fearing might apply. I have an unswerving conviction that the Conscious Life Energy underlies all things. To the religious contemplatives, I would say that this Energy is the reconciliation of thee and me, of ‘this’ and ‘that’.
I have too many responsibilities; there is no time to do what you advise.
Once you hand over all your responsibilities to the Formless Conscious Life Energy, what then will be your excuse?
How can you be so sure?
Because authentic discernment is surety itself.
Your advice seems too simple.
Yes, if it were more complicated, people would be more comfortable. But questioning the answers is not initially a source of comfort.
If we question the answers, we are essentially questioning the providers of the answers, the so-called authorities. The brain is hardwired not to question authority but to accept it.
I am not like the so-called teachers in the States who presume they have something of value to sell. What you think yourself to be is the fruit of repeated suggestion, like the long-term imbedding of any religious or political ideology. It is tantamount to brainwashing. Self-study is like dry cleaning, a more complete removal of soilants. You come to see that the shirt was white in the beginning and is white in the end.

November 25


Questions are presented and the words come out. My style is to use relatively few of them to get my point across. It’s not my decision; it’s written into the software. Whether or not my words conform to an established philosophy, I cannot say.
You believe that you have come to me where I am. However, the reality is that I meet each of you where you are. No one is asked to come and no one is asked to leave.
I am not a teacher; I don’t even know if I have the requisite skills. Too, I have no one-size-fits-all formula that everyone can take home. Some may go away disappointed because of that.
I am sharing what I have experienced on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. I am not here to develop a following. I am selling neither enlightenment nor do I hold out the promise of enlightenment, which many people treat as the equivalent of spiritual methamphetamine.
That having been disclosed, this door is open and I extend a heartfelt invitation to you to step inside.

November 21

Self as Currency

Ordinary appearances represent a fundamental mis-perception of Reality wherein wakefulness is an imaginative state fed by sense perception, and dreaming is another imaginative state sheltered from sense perception and fed by memory. These two constitute the experiental state which is no different from individual mind.
Such an individual mind is the imagination that there is an independent self. It is the seed from which the entire self-narrative grows and is the underlying cause of the straying away from presence.
Seeming self is an energetic spasm or flux that occurs at a precise moment in the development of intellect. It is the reaction to the misperception of a seeming separation from Source.
The self is the body as object. Within this framework, one considers one’s presence only as a phenomenon when the body was there.
Whereas inauthentic-I is the pseudo-subject of awareness, ‘me’ is the object of awareness, and ‘mine’ are its attachments.
It’s like paper money, of importance only as long as you believe in its value.

November 17

Personal Mind

Particularized or personal mind is the entire system of mental, emotional, and behavioral variables that constructs and defends the egoic processes.
This mind, when associated with ordinary experience, constitutes a particularly opaque view of What-Is. Seeming substance is the experience of an ongoing stream of sensations, i.e., colors, sounds, tactile resistance, etc. that is the result of mental representation. The experience is further framed as a spatially localized subject distinct from spatially localized objects.
The mind must confirm the reality of the world and the separate self because the mind has created them. To that end, personal mind establishes homeostasis or self-stabilization.
Such homeostasis requires the continuous denial of that which challenges the model. This is achieved by the immersion of attention in an internal narrative. You must continuously communicate with yourself because, if you do not, there arises the sense that you are not there. This is the primary purpose of self-centric thought. Because you want this ‘you’ to continue, you have designed so many subtle strategies that protect that continuity.