September 30

The Bodysuit

It is not an individual who experiences the entire, but it is the Entire that experiences the entire.
Being is the Great Experience. Particularized being, being somebeing, is paltry in comparison.
The entire world is in Consciousness, in the same way as sunlight is in the sun. This body is merely a suit that allows Consciousness to explore and experience.

September 25

Seeming-self Realization

The usual sense of separation between myself and the world I am in is delusive; the supposed subjectivity of ego-consciousness gains a spurious reality only in opposition to the supposed objectivity of the empirical world and vice versa. To repress the fact that I constitute my objective world is to repress the fact that I constitute myself.
This attempt by the constructed center to make itself real via objectifying itself, this seeming-self realization so to speak, is a work without end.
In awakening, the ego-self which has been trying to make itself real by identifying with one thing or another in the objective world collapses.
The six-pack abs are already there, revealed when the body-fat is removed. In the same way the six-pack of Self is already there, to be revealed when the “fat” of individuality is removed.


September 21


Q: I am continually frustrated trying to work with you and I am considering leaving. What would you say?
R: My purpose is to frustrate all your expectations and demands until they are dropped and can no longer distract you from the singular pursuit.
Most people I come across have no confidence in their self-assigned teachers. If they did, they would take the teachings to heart and make their daily lives a reflection of them. Instead, they measure the words and if they are liked, they are accepted and if not, they are rejected. This is not the willingness to be taught.
Nor is there any trust in God. If they really trusted God, what would be the need for prayer?
Instead, they are like many practitioners of Zen. They chase after temporal experiences. They have forgotten that the ultimate teaching regarding Zen enlightenment is that it is nothing special.
If you take in what I say and dwell in the pre-personal consciousness, then no more rituals, disciplines, practices or paths are necessary. If your nature leans more toward the devotional, then make the Conscious Life Energy your God and worship It.

September 18

Text Messaging

Thoughts are text messages that appear in your brain instead of on your phone. Like the text message, they don’t require your permission prior to arrival. The distinction between the two is that we have the ability to recognize spam when it appears on the phone.
All of life is a sequence of events. Thoughts are events, they are something that happen to you.
How can any event be yours?
The movement of clouds never disturbs the sky. Your pose must be the same. What you are is prior to thought; you are the Knowing of thought. Thoughts come, thoughts go.
The trick is to not invite any of them to stay a while and have a beer.