August 31

August E-mails

Q: Many Eastern practices call for working on the mind. Why don’t you follow this approach?
R: Mind is an activity, like digestion, breathing, the movement of blood. Mind gets a lot of things wrong because it bases its conclusions on what seems to be, not on What-Is. If you had an outdoor thermometer that was off by 25 degrees all the time, would you depend on it?
Mind can exploit you only if you are its willing accomplice. When the mind is resisted, its power increases. When the mind is understood, its power is diminished. Cease accepting whatever the mind dictates to be your own.

Q: Why don’t you provide us with a more traditional form of spiritual instruction?
R: When walking the path of no seeking, the journey is everything. The paradox is that your journey ends only when you stand still.
It is a movement away from the cult of worldliness and a return to that stillpoint in consciousness that is Primary Understanding. From here, as the active foundation of existence, living proceeds.
Spiritual instruction is necessary only so long as one has not surrendered oneself.
Surrender your so-called life to the functioning of the Conscious Life Energy. This requires no effort; it is the natural effect of directing your attention to your real nature. Note that it is a limited surrender insofar as it is limited to the time it takes for the seeming demarcation between oneself and Source to dissolve.

Q: To become enlightened, do I have to remove myself from the world?
R: It is a reflection of human nature that some may have to disassociate themselves from the world for a time before they can return to it.

Q: You have said that it is an error to focus on the temporal. Why is that?
R: The entire lifestream is like turning on a flashlight. There is nothing before and nothing after. Just as the light lasts as long as the battery lasts, the lifestream lasts as long as the Conscious Life Energy supports it.
In that sense, you are seasonal, like the monsoon season. It comes; it goes.
Yet, there is something underlying that lifestream, which supports it. This is where I suggest the attention be turned.

Q: You don’t seem to be very concerned about us as people who are in various degrees of pain, suffering and disenfranchisement.
R: When people visit, many of them want me to know their story but I am completely disinterested in it. This is not out of disrespect. To me, it is not important in the same way that I have no interest in whether Clark Kent is alive or dead.
Zero, infinity and Noumenon are all irreducible.
The Unmanifest Potentiality manifests as the Conscious Life Energy which uses a form as its instrument for Knowing and Acting or Moving in the world that has emanated from It. They are a singular unity, much like the swallower and the swallowed. In this sense, the Ultimate is non-dual.
Stated another way, object dependency is created when Noumenon moves to know Itself. This results in the Experiencing of its multiplicity via the Conscious Life Energy and its vehicle.
One can discern that consciousness objectified is thought, and thought objectified is the world. When we reverse engineer the process, we return through Consciousness to Source.
All else is paltry beside this return.

August 27


The issue at hand is the arbitrary and uninspected identification of a seeming personal consciousness, a sense of entity, with the varieties of experience. The drive for a self-fulfillment via experience reflects the self-actuating reward mechanism of the brain.
Ego will never leave you. You have to leave it by seeing yourself as distinct from it, by seeing yourself as the witness of both the content-free state and the state with content. You are that antecedent Being Conscious Presence.
Thus, what is required is an inturnment, an inner shift of interest away from the personal and toward the source of the personal resulting in the reassertion of the primacy of universal consciousness.
Whatever arises does so spontaneously. The mirror can only show what is already there. The inturnment involves the recognizing and allowing of whatever arises rather than their resistance and exclusion. There is no longer any opposition to “other”.
The result is a spontaneous recognition. Since it is acausal, there is nothing to practice. The only thing to do is recognize what you essentially are. From I-am-this, one goes to I-am so that one may ultimately free oneself from it.

August 23


Don’t become enamored with your point of view; it’s yours only. Others may see matters differently.
When I walk the streets of Manhattan, I see things one way. When I fly over the city, the view is quite different.
Here’s another example: did you know that there are cultures on this planet that use a different numbering system than our own. Whereas we speak in terms of ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, etc., their system expresses quantities solely by 1, 2, 3, many.
Do you think that they see things differently than you?
You project the world and color it as you see fit. When you first meet a woman, she is a stranger.
When you marry her, she is your love. If you divorce, she often becomes your enemy.
Your attitude determines how you relate to everything. Attitudes, points of view, are infinite in number.
The truth is that only fools talk about what they don’t know. If we were to restrict the talking about God to those who knew God, the silence would be deafening.