July 30

The Meaning of the World

Witnessing is always subjective, and the witnessed is inside the mind, appearances on the screen.
The world as it is perceived, observed, and interpreted by the human mind is a stream of sensory data-bits that camouflage the Unity and Oneness of Creation. Thus, mind is a vast, unfathomable complex of planes and beings, tendencies, experiences, realms within realms, imaginary realms that seem just as real as real realms. The mind stops of its own accord when the energy of interest is removed.
The result is a pristine infinite stillness to which mind is like an iPad.

July 29


You still believe that it is within your power to bring about Self Realization. The natural consequence of the release of that belief is surrender.
What must become clear is that the ego has no trust in God. That is why control is so vital to it. With trust in God, there is no need for control.
What is required is the cessation of superimpositions of imagination onto What-Is to be replaced by a communion with It.
What-Is is self regulating, self fulfilling, self evolving and self sustaining. That is to say that it needs the help of no outside agency, including yourself.
This reality can never be discerned through the prism of narcissistic self absorption.
What I am talking about is the transition from self-reliance to Self-reliance.
So, what is it that can be surrendered? “I know” can be surrendered, individuality can be surrendered. Lesser surrenders would include “do’s and don’t’s”, “should’s and shouldn’t’s” and the expectation of payoffs for actions. The latter is why most spiritual practices yield incomplete or partial results; they are motivated by gain, by spiritual ambition.

July 27

Renunciation of the World

Reality or Truth challenges the sovereignty of the self.
Consider what would your life be like if you weren’t identified with limitation. When peace and silence is more valued than what is derived from entertaining the ego with content, renunciation may occur. This renunciation of the world is simply the withdrawal of energy in the attention to detail, thereby affording the opportunity for attending to Self. Whereas Self inquiry had been previously subordinated to world inquiry, there is a reversal and the worship of the world simply ceases. Devotion to the Conscious Life Energy replaces the ego’s devotion to its own interests; narcissism withers.

July 24

My Message

My message is that there is no need to grudgingly continue to suppress the fullness of conscious existence. You are not stuck with a mind that seems to be inside and separate from the world.
I acknowledge that you are in constant struggle with the paradox of your wanting reality and being scared to death of it at the same time.
To date, you have been unable to reconcile that which you are with that which you seem to be. What you are is not perceivable, yet what you seem to be is a name with a distinct form, a psyche with an accompanying narrative. The two would appear to be irreconcilable yet it is their very reconciliation that constitutes enlightenment.
The Original Face is revealed to be faceless.
Begin with the understanding that the Conscious Life Energy is acting through a particular form. There is total functioning through billions and billions of such distinct forms.
The Conscious Life Energy uses the egoic processes to bring you here, to make you a seeker.
You already have the intuition of a Transcendental Consciousness. Were this not the case, you’d be bowling right now ….. or Tweeting.
You have only one problem. It is the involvement with body, mind and psyche. In the absence of any involvement, where is the problem?
You must concede that this person that you claim you are is objectively observable. Do so and then discriminate between that which observes and the observed.  Can you see that whatever you observe points to your existence as a center of observation and therefore whatever you experience points to your existence as a center of experiencing?
Whereas one has an awareness of oneself that does not rely on perception or cognition, the awareness of the world is so conditioned, it requires perception or cognition. This makes it obvious that only when I am can the world come into existence.
I am this body with this mind is an idea. Replace it with another idea.
The development of the conviction “I am the Conscious Life Energy” will serve you well. Hold the thought “I am the Conscious Life Energy” until such time as there is no need to remind yourself.