June 28

Myths of Enlightenment and the End of Becoming

This new, small book contains observations and exchanges that occurred during a visit to Singapore. I am very pleased with the publisher’s selections which reflect this overall theme:

    There must be something continuous to register discontinuity. There must be something changeless to register change. There must be something present to register absence. What is that?

    The book is available in Kindle format for a limited time at only $0.99. A paperback version is also available.

    June 28


    On waking, the I/me process self-boots. It is the brain’s attempt to insulate itself against the recognition of its temporary existence.
    You assume that you are continuous, but how do you know?
    Don’t the gaps in your memory raise the possibility that during those moments, you were not? Might you truly be intermittent? And if you are not, what is?
    You are afraid of ending, yet the only thing that ends is the construction that fears the ending. Psychological thought is a self-protective mechanism. Although it seems to be continuous, it too is intermittent, no more continuous than a movie, which is a fast moving stream of stills.
    It has created a parallel realm into which you retreat away from reality every day.
    Every day, it seems as if the arrival of the sun wipes out the stars. But that’s only how it seems.

    June 25


    Umwelt is the model of the world created by your brain from the concepts and beliefs that it holds. The voice that we hear internally, mind, is the brain guiding the body through this umwelt.
    All sensory perceptions that come to you are representations defined by the capabilities and limitations of the sensory and nervous systems. In this manner, the world that comes to you is vastly different from the world of a bat or a hunting dog.
    This sensory input, plus emotions, thoughts, memories, imaginations, and internal concepts appear on the viewing screen of the mind. Said mind is an epiphenomenon of the brain, nothing more.
    All that you really know is that you exist and you know that you exist. Everything else, all the sensory perceptions, emotions, thoughts, memories, imaginations, and internal concepts are only images that appear upon the screen.
    All the information is coherently arranged on the screen around a central concept, the body of a particular person in the world, which is referenced as ‘you’. That particular person-in-a-body is the central character in a series of mental events that are shown one after the other, creating the illusion of continuity.
    Our perception of any individual thing is tainted by the concepts we attach to it. Whereas I may see this woman as my wife, you may see your sister and my child will see her mother. The physical object may be the same, but we each assign it a meaning that is unique.
    Admittedly, the underlying message is “I am an embodied person in the world that is separate from, yet related to, other embodied persons and things in the world. I carry hard wired imperatives regarding survival and reproduction. These result in my feeling threatened as though the existence of what I am depends upon my successful implementation of strategies to guarantee my continuity.”
    All of this is transparent, that is to say that you can’t see the actual workings of any of it. It constitutes the core set-up.
    We interpret the world and then declare the way that world is to be ontological truth. When you  apperceive that you are only an activity within the totality, then you are no longer an accomplice to illusion and the world becomes like carbonation in water.

    June 23

    The Insanity of It All

    The nature of Consciousness is ‘experience’ itself.
    It is the experience of the absence of content, as in deep sleep. It is the experience of content as in dream and it is the experience of content and the involvement with said content as in waking.
    So, to speak of conscious experience is merely redundant.
    All things personal appear and disappear, perhaps to appear again, perhaps not. But, when you are nothing in particular, how can you be harmed?
    The insanity of it all is that the so-called seekers want to reach this “nothing in particular” while retaining their individuality.
    Individuality is the price and there are a rare few willing to pay it.